Xact launch high resolution inkjet printer

Its compact design simplifies space management and installation and it can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

It is easy to install and operate. The controller has an icon-based menu structure and integrated QWERTY keyboard, plus ‘hot keys’ to minimize the risk of input errors. Other features include 200 message storage for frequent product changes and a unique priming system which recycles ink.
It has the flexibility to work with a variety of print heads which are compatible with a variety of ink types and colours. The print heads’ integrated design encloses ink tank, print engine assembly, fluids and electronics. All print heads can be tilted for a variety of character heights.
Low ink consumption and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to overall low operating costs – combined with the bold, highly visible print and double sided printing, this is an attractive solution throughout the food and non-food packaging environments.
The HX64 can print up to 5 lines at up to 305m/min.