Xact Launch New Laser Coding Machine For Canning Industry

The eSolarMark FL3 HD is able to handle the difficulty of coding onto the concave designs on the base of the can.  The laser machine has been specifically designed to meet the beverage sector’s demanding hygiene standards and is therefore made of stainless steel with IP65 protection.  It is protected against dust and water and is also capable of withstanding high-pressure water cleaning and industrial detergents.  Capable of operating on the fastest production lines: the system offers a marking field of 70 x 70mm.

The e-Solarmark FL3 HD can code PET and glass bottles (including returnable glass), cans, liquid bricks, pouches, caps, wrapping films and shipping containers. This flexibility is key when various packaging formats are used in the same plant.

Contact Xact on Tel: 0151 479 3020 or email info@xactpack.co.uk



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