Xact At The Southern Manufacturing And Electronics Show!

We chose to exhibit at this show as it is one of the most comprehensive displays of industrial technology, machinery, electronics, production hardware, automation and specialist engineering services in the Southern half of the UK.

Xact had a live demonstration of the Solaris ‘Eco Laser’ which is the most powerful and compact entry level laser system in an easily affordable package.  Click here to read more about the Xact Solaris Eco Laser machine.

For further information on the the Solaris Eco Laser machine or the full range of Solaris Laser machines please contact Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email info@xactpack.co.uk

MPERIA system eliminates costly software changes

A leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel sections and insulation panels were looking for a robust and reliable coding system as part of an integrated solution on their production line.

Due to reliability issues with one of our competitors systems, the customer wished to replace their current printer with our MPERIA™ V-Series system as this was now a standard for the group.

On this application, the information applied to the product is downloaded to the printer from the mill. The customer had been quoted thousands for the line builder to re-write the software on the mill to provide compatibility with a new printing system.

Xact were able to eliminate this cost by loading a plug-in on the MPERIA™ controller which emulates the current download from the production line and converts the string which is compatible with MPERIA™. This flexibility not only eliminated the high cost to modify the software on the line but also downtime on implementation, and also meant no additional hardware was required.   As a result, the customer is scheduled to purchase more MPERIA™ V-series printers (with plug-in) to replace other networked systems across the group that, pre-MPERIA™, had proved too costly to replace. In addition, their visibility to the un-rivalled flexibility the MPERIA™ system can offer their business has initiated a complete review of how they control and manage their product marking processes across the group.

For more information on MPERIA™, please click here.

MPERIA V-Series leads the way in meeting industry requirements.

Manufacturers of Cold Rolled Steel Sections and Profiles are choosing Xact’s expert solutions.

Robust design ensures our systems provide dependable long-term performance and reliability in the most demanding operating environments for the application of variable product information such as; Product, date, time & shift codes, dimensions, specification, order number, CE & BS EN marking, colour ID, as well as industry and company logos.

Key features (Please click here for features and benefits)

With over 30 years industry experience, and as a leading supplier to manufacturers of construction products we have established long-term relationships based on the reliabilityand flexibility of our systems, as well as our after sales service and support.




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About the MPERIA™ VIAjet™ V-Series

The VIAjet V-Series is the latest and most robust industrial marking technology available, ensuring dependable long-term performance and reliability in the most demanding operating environments 

The system provides exceptional versatility for the application of variable product information and traceability codes, as well as logos, graphics and barcodes onto both porous and non-porous materials.

Typical applications include the coding & marking of Construction products, Chemicals & Fertilisers, Industrial Packaging, Automotive Products, Foams, Plastics & Films, Paper & Pulp.  The capability to operate in these sectors means that the basic applications such as case coding are also suited to the VIAjet™ V-Series printer.

For further information on the VIAjet™ V-Series please contact Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email info@xactpack.co.uk


A Clean Winner! MPERIA L Series

A cleaning chemical manufacturer chooses MPERIA™ L-Series against CIJ technology.

Our competitors were offering CIJ (continuous ink jet) printing technology, which historically would have been the standard solution for this application.  CIJ was also an option available within the range from Xact. 

Xact proposed the latest MPERIA™ VIAJet L Series TIJ printer which, in comparison to CIJ technology, not only provided a higher print quality but also significantly reduced initial investment costs as well as operating costs moving forward.  Following the successful implementation of the first system a further three systems have been purchased with another two systems due to be ordered in May 2016.  Xact are now also reviewing the customers outer-case coding and labelling requirements which will also be operated by MPERIA™.



The MPERIA™ VIAjet™ L-Series system provides exceptional print resolution and versatility along with unparalleled levels of readability.  It is ideal for printing on porous and non-porous materials, the VIAjet L-Series printheads perform in a range of challenging packaging and industrial environments, such as the coding of outer cases, cartons, coated and uncoated media, bags, timber, plastics, films and construction products.

For further information on the MPERIA™ VIAjet™ L-Series please contact Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email info@xactpack.co.uk