Award Winning Farm Shop Increases Sales With Xact Net Packing Machine

Blackerhall Farm is an award winning farm shop producing and selling locally produced fruit, vegetables and meat.  Covering five generations, the family business, now owned by the Garthwaite family, were awarded UK Farm Retailer of The Year in 2014.  Established in 1999, the farm has a farm shop with butchery, bakery, delicatessen, wine loft, gift houses and café.  More than 80% of everything they sell in the shop is produced by themselves.

The locally grown produce on the farm is available to buy from the greengrocers in their Farm Shop.  The produce includes broccoli, purple sprouting broccoli, sweetheart and savoy cabbage, kale and swede.

As part of the high quality shop merchandising, the owners were looking for a professional way to display and sell their produce.

“Our FT14 manual netting machine enables us to do what the big supermarkets do!  The end product has a practical and professional look and feel to it and the machine is so easy to use.” Edward Garthwaite, Managing Director, Blackerhall Farm

The machine needed to be able to produce a certain number of packs a day, switching between sprouts, potatoes or other products depending on what needed to be packaged at the time.  As well as having a certain budget for the packaging machine, the end produce needed to look professional as well as being practical.

After visiting the site, Xact Prepack Sales Manager, Paul Bennion decided that an FT14 manual netting machine would fit the bill.

The FT14 manual  machine cutsseals and prepares for the next net pack in one easy operation.  The end product is a high quality presentation at an affordable price.  It is ideal for all types of fruit and veg.


Sales of the produce packaged using the FT14 at Blackerhall Farm have increased.  This is due to being able to display produce more effectively and therefore sell more.  The management are really impressed with the machine, the results it gives, its ease of use and reliability.


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Compac Strengthens UK Position With Xact Partnership

Delivering world leading integrated sorting & packaging solutions to meet demanding retail market and satisfy consumer needs for convenient food that has consistent quality, safety and availability.

Today Compac announces an exciting new partnership with Xact, one of the United Kingdom’s leading integrated solution providers and a specialist in packaging and marking equipment.

The partnership combines Compac’s award-winning Spectrim grading technology with Xact’s best-in-class solutions and offerings, which include Giró’s fresh produce packaging equipment.

Together, the organisations can provide industry leading fruit sorting and packaging solutions that deliver unrivalled quality and consistent fresh produce to the demanding retail market in the United Kingdom.

Compac CEO Mike Riley says that he’s thrilled to form a strategic partnership with Xact.

“Compac and Xact recognise the emerging automation opportunities in the United Kingdom repack sector. In combination with Xact, our solutions are tried, tested and proven in some of the most advanced packaging lines in the world and we can’t wait to initiate these solutions with Xact in the United Kingdom.”

Xact managing director David Hughes says this partnership marks the start of an exciting relationship.

“We feel this generates tremendous value for both parties. We have developed strong relationships with the major players in the United Kingdom fresh produce industry and we feel the market is ready for the range of technologies provided by Compac.

“Xact has a solid reputation for providing integrated solutions to the UK and we share a common vision with Compac, both in terms of the markets requirement for Compac’s high-value products and services but also the need to provide our customers with more sophisticated experienced as they look to meet increasing consumer demands.”

Compac’s 2017 plans emphasise expansion in Europe and the Xact relationship gives Compac a complementary partner that is locally integrated in the United Kingdom market. The partnership enables customers to create safe, quality products which have high consumer demand.

Riley continues: “We share similar views on the responsibility of our role in the food production industry and both organisations have a customer centric focus to deliver world-class integrated solutions and services.”

About Compac:

Compac provides integrated post-harvest solutions and services to the global fresh produce industry using the world’s most advanced grading technology. Combining industry leading solutions with award-winning grading platforms like Spectrim, the company’s mission is to enable its customers to improve returns, gain operational efficiencies, and ensure a safe food supply via smart, useable technologies. To achieve this, Compac operates centers of excellence, regional offices and manufacturing locations within the United States, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

Compac is member of the TOMRA Group who design and manufacture sensor-based sorting technology with more than 6,000 systems operating worldwide. Since its founding in 1972, today TOMRA employs more than 2,600 people and has progressed from being a pioneer in automated recycling technology to a company today offering the widest range of sensor-based solutions that are helping to lead a cross-industry revolution toward resource sustainability to ensure optimal quality and yield, resulting in increased productivity, throughput and an effective use of resources.

About Xact:

Xact is one of the UK’s leading providers of specialist packaging and marking equipment for the fresh produce industry, providing complete solutions including net packaging, checkweighers and metal detectors, inkjet marking and labelling systems. The company has established market leadership in the UK fruit and vegetable packaging market over the last 30 years with its range of Giro netting machines and consumables. Whilst these packs have been an established feature on the shelves of the UK’s major supermarket chains for some years, the company has recently introduced a number of new ranges which have developed its position still further within the UK fresh produce industry.


For more information on the Compac range please contact Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

Tray Filling Machine – Save on Labour Costs!

Have you considered an end of line automation system? 

Look no further!  Our latest Tray Filling Machine (the GBF 100) is designed to reduce labour costs, increase efficiency and replace the old fashioned round table collation method.

Designed for all types of netted products and for use with a variety of tray and box sizes.



NEW! Paper Ultrabag!

Xact, introduce the new Paper Ultrabag by World leaders Giro.  The finished pack has a traditional and vintage look with an excellent paper finish and a fresh and ecological feel.  Get this totally different and fresh new look with ‘Girfilm’ paper using the Girbagger UB65, UB60 and UB50 machines.  The new style is suitable for the full range of fruit and vegetables.

Advantages of the Paper Ultrabag:

  • Very attractive – stands out on display
  • Different
  • Great printed surface to communicate
  • No need to modify or add any kit to the Girbagger
  • A plastic handle can be added. (Use a printed handle with designs based on the paper finish (e.g. a handle with a rope visual effect))
  • The maximum weight is slightly less compared to a 100% plastic packing

For further information on the Eact 100 please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

High Speed Tray Filling Machine

Automate the last stage of your packing process with the ‘GBF 100’.

Xact, in partnership with world leaders Giro, are excited to introduce a new product to our portfolio of packaging machinery, the GBF 100, a net bag tray filler.

The tray filling machine automatically fills trays at the end of your packing line at high speeds (up to 100 bags per minute) therefore saving labour costs. It is designed to fill trays with net bags from 500g to 4kg and the operator can choose to fill in one or two layers.

The GBF 100 can handle all types of cardboard cases or plastic trays with dimensions of 600 x 400mm and heights of between 180mm and 240mm. Depending on the filling requirements (number of bags, weight and layers) the GBF 100 obtains different outputs that can be seen in table 1 (below). The productivity increases when a double feeding conveyor is used, by channelling the bags through two independent collectors.

GBF 100 Table 1

During the filling and exit of the tray, the machine vibrates to make sure the bags are well packed in and prevents any bags from sticking out of the top of the tray.

There are various accessories that can be added to the GFB 100 to increase its efficiency:

Weight control and rejection system
The device can be installed at the exit of the tray filler and automatically weighs all the trays. The operator can define a range of weight admitted (minimum and maximum). All trays that are out of this range will be rejected by an element that moves the wrong tray to a ramp with rollers for disposal. If the box meets the established weight requirement, the tray can be moved to the palletiser.

Tray feeder of 6 or 9 unit pile
Another essential accessory for the GBF 100 is the automatic box infeed system. This device piles the empty trays that automatically will be dispensed to the tray filler machine. Two models of tray feeder are available , the 6 layer (pile of 6 or 8 trays or 240mm or 180mm) and the 9 layers (pile of 9 trays or 12 trays of 240mm or 180mm). The tray feeder supports both cardboard or plastic trays.

Optional Box Feeder 6 or 9 pile unit

Optional box feeder, available on a 6 or 9 unit pile.

For further information about the GBF 100 please click here or contact Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

‘EXACT 100’ Citrus Weigher

Save up to 12 tonnes of fruit per year with the BEST citrus weigher in the world!

The new ‘Exact 100’ is destined to be the best citrus weigher manufactured ever with its new innovative design.  Giró’s engineering team have invested more than 5 years of research and development to achieve an outstanding product which will become a breakthrough in the fruit processing business.  The Exact 100 is a high productivity and extremely accurate dynamic weigher combining the best features of both dynamic and static weighing technologies.  It has an innovative system based on robotic fingers that give the exact dose of fruit to each bucket. This bucket feeding can be done at high speed allowing to fill up to 48 pieces per second in the 8 buckets.  The high capacity buckets are driven through different carousels with a precise continuous movement. The brand new driving system is smooth and free of undesired vibrations.

State of the art in static feeding system: 

The ‘Exact 100’ has the most advanced feeding system with 8 “V shape” vibrating channels and 8 robotic holding fingers array accurately delivers all pieces towards the loading buckets. It enables a high fruit feeding pace: 3 pieces every 0.5 sec. Totalling 24 pieces bucket load by using 8 channels.

Highest accuracy dynamic weighing system:
The 4 bucket channels are driven by a revolving chained carousel through 4 weighing gates (equipped with 2 load cells each). The system uses 20 out of 68 buckets to attain the best weight combination, ensuring a 10 g accuracy on each weighed batch.

A new and smart mechanical driving system together with a sophisticated algorithm help achieve best bucket feeding according to the fruit caliber and target weight. Balanced bucket feeding is vital in order to have the correct possible combinations to find the target weight.                       

Easy maintenance, accessibility and hygiene

Another important aspect which Giró engineers focussed on when designing the Exact 100 is its easy maintenance and cleaning. In addition to employing robust and reliable mechanical systems and easy accessibility to the components that may require maintenance, it is also designed for simple and effective cleaning. The 68 buckets of Exact 100 can be easily removed using only one hand.  An automatic washer-sanitising machine will be launched with the machine which is ideal for both cleaning and sanitising the buckets increasing the lifespan of the machine.

The Exact 100 is a very versatile machine because it has 4 bidirectional output belts that enable it to feed a multitude of packaging machines.  It is possible to install four GirBagger machines or it can feed 3 GirBagger and 2 clipping machines like CA-9s or CA-10.

For further information on the Eact 100 please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

Two New Bag Styles! One Machine!

Create the Window Compact and the Window Ultrabag with the Girbagger.

Giro’s range of bagging options has increased with the Window Compact and the Window Ultrabag.

The Window Compact is designed for horizontal display at the point of sales. It is ideal for sizes from 0.3 to 1 Kg particularly suitable for small and mid caliber fruit. It is a very compact package, hence its name, which optimises package size according to the content. The GirBagger UB-50, UB-60 or UB-65 equipped with an optional accessories is used to produce this bag. It is also based on Ultrabag style but reducing the length of the package and using a film with window. The recommended window dimensions are 140×60 mm or 130×60 mm depending on the size of the bag.

The Window Ultrabag is based on the well-known Ultrabag but a window has been included in the film that allows visibility through the mesh, giving a new look to the package.

The Window Ultrabag is the only package in the where you can choose the shape and position of a window according to the image or design printed on the film, offering an innovative and attractive alternative for packaging. With this unique feature, the consumer can see the product through a cut in the bag with a shape that is integrated into its design.  The GirBagger machines UB-50, UB-60 or UB-65 can produce Window Ul trabag packs without any optional accessory as it was an standard Ultrabag package, with the only difference of using a windowed Girfilm.

Giró can supply the W-Girfilm making the window position and shape according to the design. The size and shape of the window may vary depending on the graphics of the film and the designer’s creativity. It cannot exceed 60 mm wide and 125 mm length for a film UB or UP-320 and 145 mm wide.

Features of the Window Compact and Window Ultrabag are:

  • Registered landscape designs.
  • Neat & tidy package.
  • Different shape windows – you can choose to have the window front & / or back.
  • Flexible – different diameter nets if the fruit calibre changes.
  • Minimum expenditure – can be made with existing machines.
  • Visibility – customers can see the fruit.
  • Nets – different options, sizes, colours, materials.
  • Airflow – air flows through the pack.
  • Neat pack presentation.
  • Good visibility of fruit.

For further information on the Window Compact and Window Ultrabag please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email