Reliable, Accurate, Fast and Highly Versatile Checkweighing Solutions

Xact offer flexible checkweighing solutions helping you to achieve 100% product quality.  Whether you need an inspection system to detect missing items, under weight / overweight product or undesirable foreign bodies in your products our systems will save you money.

We deliver cost effective solutions to improve productivity and profitability for all industries in any environment whether that be a wet or dry environment across food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and non-food industries.

Checkweigher C Series – A “Tailor-Made Solution”

Compact, Modular, Cost Effective

The HSC350 C Series checkweigher is our standard machine suitable for all types of products.  This is the compact, modular and cost-effective solution that integrates into the production line when space is at a premium.

The sturdy machine is flexible which means a Metal Detector with display and labelling systems can easily be fitted and thanks to its flat, easily accessible surfaces, the C Series is easily cleaned and sanitised.

C Series Icons


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Checkweigher H Series – Heavy Bulky Products

Reliable, Robust, Easy To Use

The need to weigh and sort large, heavy products is increasing in todays markets.  The HSC350 ‘H Series’ checkweigher can handle weigh loads of up to 60kg at high speed.

Scale Range up to 60 kg
Division from 5 g
Protection IP54
Speed up to 70 ppm

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Checkweigher P Series – Wet Environments

For Extreme Products and Harsh Environments

The P series HSC350 checkweighers fully comply with the highest standards of hygiene in wet environments.  Made up of modular plastic conveyors, the ‘P Series’ can withstand the most aggressive substances in the food, manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Scale Range up to 15 kg
Division from 1 g
Protection IP65+
Speed up to 200 ppm

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Checkweigher G Series – Washable For Harsh Environments

Innovative, Hygienic, Cost Effective

The G Series checkweigher is ideally suited for bulk meat, fish and cheese.

This range is specifically designed for harsh environments and bulk product applications, where cleaning and sanitising play a major role.

With an IP66, easy-to-disassemble conveyor’s structure the G Series is easy to clean and with a 100% stainless steel frame, these systems are the ideal solution for the food processing industry.

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Checkweigher S Series – Pharmaceutical Industry

Simple, Fast, Accurate – Designed For Small Packages

The S series includes modular checkweighers that meet the current requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, in particular the GMP regulations and the stringent quality control regulations.

Scale Range up to 600g
Division from 0.1g
Protection IP54
Speed up to 400ppm

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Checkweigher Z Series – Multiple Channel Sorting

Compact, Flexible, Fast

The HSC350 ‘Z Series’ is a high speed checkweigher for small packages (punnets, trays, cans, jars) with an integrated classification system able to divide the product into three channels: underweight, conforming, overweight.  The ‘Z Series Checkweigher’ can work with delicate packages without the risk of spillages.

Scale Range up to 3 kg
Division from 0.5 g
Protection IP54
Speed up to 120 ppm

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Checkweigher Q Series – Harsh Environment

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

The HSC350 Q series checkweigher is designed to work on dirty and unpackaged product such as lettuce, cabbage, fennel, broccoli and any kind of fruits and vegetables.  The modular plastic belts are easily removed the cleaning process quick and simple.

Scale Range up to 6 kg
Division from 2 g
Protection IP67-IP69K
Speed up to 120 ppm

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Checkweigher R Series – Extreme Industrial Environments

Strong, Fast, Precise

The HSC350 ‘R Series’ is a sturdy chain checkweigher for extreme environments. The protected motors and the open design makes cleaning easy and hygiene is maintained.

Scale Range up to 6kg
Division from 1g
Protection IP67-IP69K
Speed up to 600ppm

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