Reliable, Flexible & Cost Effective Labelling Solutions

Xact specialise in the supply of labelling machines across the UK. We deliver cost effective solutions to improve productivity and profitability covering all industries. Our range includes Label Applicators, Label Print & Apply and In Line Labelling Machines. Whether you need an off the shelf Label Applicator or a bespoke solution, Xact can help you find the right system. We offer a full UK installation and support team so you can be sure you are in the right hands.

HM 3000 Label Dispenser – Fast, Robust And Ideal For Retail Products. 

The most stable and powerful label dispenser on the market enduring 24 hour non-stop operation

The HM 3000 is the most powerful dispenser for 24 hour operation.  It is a tough, high quality dispenser which was developed for high capacity labelling of retail products.

Designed for round-the-clock operation, label and product changes are quick and easy with excellent repetitive accuracy ensured by the micro-step motor control.

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HM 300 Label Dispenser – Small, Efficient, Compact Dispenser.

Extremely user-friendly compact dispenser

HM 300 compact label applicator is high quality and user-friendly. The integrated controller is built on a powerful microprocessor ensuring high stability which along with a stepper motor control ensures high accuracy.

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HM 600 Label Dispenser – Efficient, High Performing, Compact Dispenser

Robust and compact label dispenser with high accuracy and performance.

The controller is integrated in the machine and built on a powerful micro-step controller. Via a user-friendly display 100 programs are available.

The design is carefully designed and tested and has the possibility of a simple mounting of hotstamp.

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Handly Manual Dispenser – Semi Automatic

The semi-automatic dispenser for self-adhesive labels in a roll is easy to use, versatile for each label type normally in use. Available in widths up to 100 mm or 200 mm.

The reel- holder can be adapted to any core can accept rolls up to 300 mm in diameter, thus offering long autonomy of operation.

The labels are read by two sensors that are controlled by a microprocessor, it can automatically identify the difference transparency between the label and the backing paper, presenting the label on the detached blade, almost completely detached.

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