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Workstation eSolarMark FL Advanced

Industrial solution in desk top configuration


    • working area 250×420 mm, T-slot base plate
    • automatically driven access enclosure
    • motorized Z axis adjustment up to 200 mm for 100×100 marking field
    • marking field 70x70mm or 100×100 mm
    • standard laser pointer, indicate the area to be marked
    • standard focus-finding installation, permits placing the focal plane on the surface to be marked
    • equipped with e-SolarMark FL2 or FL3 with CU0 Control Unit
    • PC for system operation required (e-SolarMark is working as network printer)

Rotary Attachment accessory for this model giving the ability to mark around cylindrical objects. This accessory requires special version of SolMark II software.

Case Study

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