New MPERIA™ Measures Up To The Timber Industry

A leading manufacturer of roof trusses and other timber products approached Xact looking for a printing system to apply the product ID for traceability and to meet the new CE requirements of the industry. The customer wished to replace their current printing unit as it was proving unreliable and costly to maintain.  In addition to this, the customer had been quoted thousands for the line builder to re-write the program on the line to provide compatibility with a new printing system.

The product ID (comprising of a length measurement) is applied during the automated cutting and measuring process on the line. The information is generated not only for the end-user and general plant traceability, but also for new CE requirements of the industry. The product length is downloaded to the printer from the operating system controlling the cutting & measuring process on the line. The marking process was previously being completed by another printing system networked to the line.  Xact’s solution was the installation of  MPERIA™ and VIAjet V-Series print head with emulation plug-in.


  • Xact were able to eliminate this cost by proposing our new MPERIA controller loaded with a plug-in which emulates the current download and converts the string which is compatible with MPERIA™ operating system.
  • This flexibility not only eliminated the high cost to modify the software on the line but also downtime on implementation, and also meant no additional hardware was required.
  • In addition to the above, the implementation of the latest V-Series 8000+ print head has significantly improved print quality and reduced operating costs. The head is the most robust on the market so despite the harsh operating environment long-term reliability and consistency of the marking process is another significant advantage to the customer.
  • The customer is also aware of our VIAjet L and T series high-resolution print heads within the range, also operated through the MPERIA™ operating system. So, with the success of the V-Series the customer is reviewing other plant applications for these systems also.
  • MPERIA V, L and T series printers are proven across all sectors of the Timber Industry for applications including general product ID’s, to logos, graphics and barcodes.

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Click below to see a video of the machines in action


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