Modern Counter Partnership

Moving away from the old painted steel to a more modern Stainless steel construction means that this is easy to clean and more hygienic. Having stainless steel rather than rather than painted steel means that the financial value will not be lost. With Painted steel, once the paint is removed to be replaced it loses its value.

Xact launches new HP inkjet printers

Capable of printing up to 600×600 dpi, using window fonts, typical applications would include scanable 1D and 2D barcodes, graphics and high resolution, small character, real time information. Multiple cartridges can be mounted together to give a print height of 50mm or 100mm plus.

One of the main benefits over traditional coding technologies is the completely mess free cartridge replacement process which does not require a service technician as it works in a similar way to a standard desktop printer. This also means minimal maintenance is required and it is environmentally safe as there is no ink leakage.

The controllers themselves are extremely easy to use with icon-based software, touch screen control and message creation via USB or Ethernet, meaning little training is required. They also integrate well on any production line due to their compact size and versatile mounting of print heads.

Furthermore these TIJ printers can print at up to 300m/min and up to 4” print height while retaining a high quality print.

Upgraded CA9 launched

The new CA9-S has all the features of the CA9 including the automatic change of tube but has been enhanced to improved operating efficiency and safety.

  • Previously reaching 35 cycles per minute, the CA9-S can now reach up to 42 cycles per minute (of 1kg bags)
  • Similar to the Girbagger range of net welding machine, the CA9-S allows GirControl Plus connection enabling the customer to control production, monitor in real time and undertake remote servicing
  • The CA9-S includes a new full colour 7" touch screen with intuitive and attractive features

Xact launch high resolution inkjet printer

Its compact design simplifies space management and installation and it can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

It is easy to install and operate. The controller has an icon-based menu structure and integrated QWERTY keyboard, plus ‘hot keys’ to minimize the risk of input errors. Other features include 200 message storage for frequent product changes and a unique priming system which recycles ink.
It has the flexibility to work with a variety of print heads which are compatible with a variety of ink types and colours. The print heads’ integrated design encloses ink tank, print engine assembly, fluids and electronics. All print heads can be tilted for a variety of character heights.
Low ink consumption and minimal maintenance requirements contribute to overall low operating costs – combined with the bold, highly visible print and double sided printing, this is an attractive solution throughout the food and non-food packaging environments.
The HX64 can print up to 5 lines at up to 305m/min.

Xact attend Matthews Marking Products Annual Conference

Matthews have been leading innovators in product indentification solutions since they were established in 1850, providing custom and standard industrial marking solutions for applications in a wide range of industries, from packaging and plastics, to construction and metal.

Xact has been Matthews exclusive distributor in the UK since 1980 offering not only high quality CIJ, DOD and high resolution equipment but supported by a world class spares and maintenance service.

Xact have been one of Matthews Golden Five distributors for several years alongside France, Spain, Italy and Australia.

Information on product launches will be available soon.

Giro control fresh produce packhouse equipment through central hub

Operating through a standard PC and connected through the network or through the Internet, Packhouse Managers can now monitor and analyse real time or saved data, e.g. number of bags, efficiency, stoppages and breakdowns – categorised by machine, line and date – for a tighter and more efficient control system.

The GirControl Plus collates data all in one central location, instead of at each individual machine, with a 2 way exchange of data. This hub is an office-based PC which can quickly and easily review the settings and current status of every machine connected to it through the network.

Furthermore, minor engineering faults can be solved remotely. Anyone can log onto the system from any computer connected to the Internet, provided they have been given access codes. This in turn means call-outs can be reduced as engineers will be able to identify errors, advise on corrective measures and even modify some settings without travelling to site. Despite this easy access, information travelling through the network is securely protected.

New continuous inkjet printer launched in UK

Xact have recently launched the newest continuous inkjet printer in their Matthews range. The CX16 has been developed as an entry level model, for applications where only 2 lines of print may be required for applying variable information directly onto primary packaging such as for date or batch coding in the food industry.

The CX16 is the most cost effective printer in the Matthews CIJ range. A compact model (320mm X 420mm X 545mm), it prints small characters from 1.8mm to 7mm high.

Its simplicity does not compromise reliability or functionality – it includes many of the features of the 5 line C84e such as one button start-stop control, password protection, automatic ink viscosity control for a consistent high quality print, a user friendly interface and a large message storage database. It also has a built-in pump so does not require external air and external top mounted fill caps to make ink and solvent replenishment extremely easy.

The result is a high quality print, even when printing at maximum speed of 107m/min (5×5 single line). Print features include 4-directional print, message delayed printing and variable characters/languages/logos/fonts printing.

The CX16 will be on display at Foodex at the NEC in March – stand S037.