Xact launches new HP inkjet printers

Capable of printing up to 600×600 dpi, using window fonts, typical applications would include scanable 1D and 2D barcodes, graphics and high resolution, small character, real time information. Multiple cartridges can be mounted together to give a print height of 50mm or 100mm plus.

One of the main benefits over traditional coding technologies is the completely mess free cartridge replacement process which does not require a service technician as it works in a similar way to a standard desktop printer. This also means minimal maintenance is required and it is environmentally safe as there is no ink leakage.

The controllers themselves are extremely easy to use with icon-based software, touch screen control and message creation via USB or Ethernet, meaning little training is required. They also integrate well on any production line due to their compact size and versatile mounting of print heads.

Furthermore these TIJ printers can print at up to 300m/min and up to 4” print height while retaining a high quality print.