NEW! Checkweigher for Round Bulky Products

Introducing the Nemesis KV checkweigher / weigh price labeller designed specifically for round products such as Melons, Swedes, Cauliflowers etc.

This flexible solution can be utilised as a checkweigher only or incorporate price weight / labelling facilities.

The video demonstrates watermelons being weighed and if weight-compliant they are then labelled before exiting the system.

The innovative design of the conveyors allows the products to stabilise as they are transported along the reclining twin conveyors allowing for complete weighing accuracy.

With the ability to weigh and label products up to 20kg, the KV series checkweigher is accurate and fast meaning that it can weigh more than 50 pieces per minute.

This machine is extremely flexible, in fact it is also possible to flatten the conveyors should you need to weigh trays and crates.

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