COVID-19 Update

UPDATED 31/03/20

As the situation regarding COVID-19 unfolds and health and global travel restrictions are issued, we want to inform you we have taken steps to ensure continued support of your operation.  For now, we want to reassure you that our equipment supply chain and our sites remain operational.

As a supplier of products for fruit and vegetable packaging, we are an integral part of the supply chain of the food sector.  Some of our main clients are producers and packers of fruit and vegetables, who supply their packaged products, a basic necessity, to the main supermarkets and food stores throughout the United Kingdom.  These producers / packers need our products to be able to continue the packaging of products such as citrus, potatoes, onions and all kinds of fruit and vegetable products.  Therefore our products are included in the category of basic necessity, fundamental and essential to ensure the UK food supply chain does not suffer from shortages.

At company level we have taken the following steps:

  • Ensuring the safety of our employees by increasing the capacity to work from home
  • Increased sanitary-hygiene measures and stricter rules for company access
  • Rearranging our office structure so the skeleton staff are distanced
  • Reducing access to sites except in cases of emergency
  • Observing all travel bans and guidance provided by our government
  • Strongly encouraging virtual meetings via video conferencing to answer your requests for quotes, service calls and customer queries

Product Supply

Our ability to supply equipment, repair parts and ink is minimally impacted. We are actively monitoring our supply chain and have been working to ensure that our stock levels are reinforced to minimize potential interruptions. We have measures in place to reduce risk of illness and continue manufacturing as a supplier to life-sustaining businesses.

Service and Support

We have taken steps to protect our communities’ and employees’ health at all our facilities while ensuring that our customer service and technical support teams remain fully staffed and available to assist via our regular channels.

To prevent any costly downtime and anticipated increased lead times, we strongly recommend you review your stock and supply of critical spares. If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately at

We will continue to monitor the situation very carefully and we will share more updates as the situation develops. In the meantime, you can address specific questions or concerns by contacting our Customer Service Team on 0151 479 3020 or by contacting your Sales Manager.

While the next few months will undoubtedly challenge our industry and the economy overall, we want to reassure you we will give you our continued support and we hope to be in position as much as is possible, to maintain business as usual.

We most of all wish you, your family and your employees well. 

The Xact Team