Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Xact, together with World leaders Giro introduce a new system to the UK fresh produce market which will stop the packaging machine from operating until the correct consumables and information are loaded.

With the SCS (Smart Consumables System), GIRO once again revolutionises the world of net packaging providing machines and consumables with some ‘intelligence’.  The SCS is a complete system of machinery, software and consumables that bridges the gap of information between the fresh fruit and vegetable packing companies and the final packaged product.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology allows a reading of the information contained on all Giro consumables and matches the packaging product with information held on a central database.

In this way the packaging machine automatically recognises consumables (net, film or label) that will feed the machine. Once the check is done, the machine can accept or can display messages on the screen warning the operator to check the consumables and correct the mistake.

Xact Director, Barry Baldock explains “Using the RFID technology, packing companies can control stock levels, avoid costly mistakes, control quality of the labels (style, colour label information) and they can have complete traceability of the fresh fruit or vegetables that are packaged and distributed to the market.  Closing the information loop between the packaging consumables and machinery information, the RFID application allows a considerable advance in the packaging for the fresh produce industry”.


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