Brushless Motors

HSC350 can mount three new high performances versions of brushless motors according the scale weigh-range. Lower maintenance, better pferomances and environment protection up to IP69K.

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Integrated Printer

Integrated statistical printer ables to collect any data of the current production batch. Every time a batch is completed and a new one is started, the integrated printer can print a legal receipt with all data concerning the last batch.

It is possible to customize this receipt with any statistical parameters – or information concerning the production batch, including up to 100 sampled weight chosen random.

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Reject Bin

Reject bin HSC350 catches all the non-complying items reject on the line by checkweighers and metal-detectors. It can be key-locked as required by the law.

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The new HD 7″ and 10″ color touchscreens are totally multi-language and available in English, Italian, German, French, Spanish and many other languages will be ready soon. The operator is driven step by step with tooltips and contextual help everywhere inside the interface, even if the simplicity of use still the same of the traditional keyboard panel.

Many configurable levels of password and protection can be activated through the administration panel. An extended diagnostic screen helps the engineer to restore the line functionality in case of troubles quicker than ever.

The data is stored in memory for a long time and everything is recorded in the batch report complying the HACCP requirements.

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Side Ejector

The HSC350 side ejector for checkweighers and metal-detectors is designed for the high speed production and it?s able to discard up to 300 pieces/minute: a mechanized arm, orthogonal to the conveyor tape, will push the product outside from the production line.

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Marking System

It’s now available the new Marking System, it’s able to print many informations on the product such as date in each format, serial number, bar code and weight if integrated with checkweighing system.

The Marking System is typically used to mark each element of the production batch with the weight and/or due date, but it can be used for print every type of information.

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Vision System

HSC350 vision system make dimensional measures, check eventual print errors in the label. With the full integration of a command PLC, each defective product can be ejected by the production line.

With few operations on the control panel, it is possible ‘to teach’ it what it should check; then, setting the match margin, it is possible to find several print errors (For example a missed character in a string).

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Air Ejector

Air ejector HSC350 is characterized by the highest operating speed, simple but reliable without any parts in motion; it’s designed for products up to 500 grams like envelopes, cases, bottles, box and small products. It may employ ?Oil free? compressed air for the use in protected environment.

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Fall Ejector

Falling ejector HSC350 is designed for sticky and extreme delicate product that can’t be pushed out by a standard rejection system. The Outfeed conveyor will gently go down and let products fall in a reject bin placed under the conveyor.

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Flip Shunter

HSC350 flip shunter is used to sort product in many channels according their class of weight. It can work at high speed without loosing its delicate touch. It usually integrated in fresh food production to sort open punnets according their weigh-defect and allowing operator to easily correct the weight for a perfect packaging.

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STAT350 Software

What is STAT350

STAT350 is a windows software integrable with all models of HSC350 series ables to catch statistical data from control unit through a RS232 COM interface or an ethernet TCP/IP connection. It’s also available the USB data stick that records all data when connected to checkweighers and export everything as soon as connected to STAT350 software.

Easy to use

Starting with the installation procedure but also with more advanced features, the new software guides you through each operation, step by step and in an easy way. Thanks to an innovative interface and a complete online help system with movies and many tips, the new STAT350 is ready to work in few seconds. Included in the basic version, there is a synoptic system capable of monitoring the proper operation of the machine and help the operator to resolve any problems or incident found on the production line.

Complete integration

The new software can run on any machine of the HSC350 series, from checkweighers to weigh-price labeller of all kinds. Moreover, if you installed a metal detector or an automatic weigh-price labeller, you can set and control both of these devices through the software. It is also possible to manage labels layouts and product database.

Export and customize customers/suppliers archives

The new version of STAT350 innovates the management system for the customers/suppliers archive used in the latest release of 2009. Were also added many features to export archives of production in all standard formats, such as Word, Excel, MDB, TEXT, and many others. It is possible to customize every details of production reports by choosing which fields to include in the file, if add graphics with the distribution of packages, notes introduced during the production and a lot of additional information.

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Rodless Ejector

Rodless ejector HSC350 is characterized by a delicate touch and a particular construction that allows the pusher to comes out without any physical rod behind it. It suitable for fragile products and netted packaging.

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