Cartons and Cases – Coding for Product Identification and Packaging.  Any Product. Any Industry. Expiry Date, Use By Date, Batch Code Printing.

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Xact will partner with you to find a solution that meets your production needs, reduce operational downtime and grow with your business.

We have the flexibility to meet all end-of-line product coding requirements, our solutions range from the application of basic product traceability in the form of a simple date code to high-resolution print formats incorporating barcodes, logos and graphics.

Our range includes options for PIJ (Piezo based inkjet coders for high resolution, large character printing on secondary packaging), TIJ (Thermal inkjet for high quality coding on both primary and secondary packaging), CIJ (Continuous inkjet for coding a range of materials, card, paper and plastic packaging films) and Valve-Jet for robust marking in the most challenging environments.

Replace labels and pre-print your packaging! The increasing demand for corporate branding to work in conjunction with the application of general product information as a more cost effective and flexible solution to pre-printed cases or labels is met by our operating system and range of T and L series print heads.