MPERIA™ Overview

MPERIA™ Overview

The MPERIA™ controller effectively manages messages and settings for multiple printers (even hundreds of printers) across one or multiple production lines or plant locations. The ability to seamlessly combine and manage multiple coding technologies, such as Valvejet, TIJ and Piezo in a single platform means technologies can be added, swapped and updated as production demands dictate, without the need to change the basic platform.

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  • An incredibly powerful and intuitive touch-screen user interfaces combined with full remote network access makes coding management a breeze. Seamless integration with ERP/MRP/WMS/MOM systems through the powerful on-board scripting capabilities and database support delivers real savings in time and money when integrating your coding platform into your enterprise systems.
  • Best of all, MPERIA™ is expandable, allowing you to add other print heads or other print technologies, as needed, promising a sound secure investment.
  • The MPERIA™ touchscreen controller makes message programming simple and effectively manages print files and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or locations.
  • The EZ Touch user interface allows for simple and intuitive creation and selection of messages. Seamless integration with ERP/MRP/WMS systems helps to reduce coding errors. A key feature of MPeria is the flexibility to expand the system.
  • Additional print heads or print technologies can be added as and when required, ensuring your system investment is secure.
  • Among many other features and benefits the system offers;
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  • Small and large character printing with the facility to control single or multiple heads across one or more production lines
  • High speed printing, with no depreciation on character height
  • Precision stitching (stacking) of print heads to increase print height for company branding, logos and graphics
  • Extensive range of ink types and colours to suit most substrates
  • Stand-alone operation as well as advanced networking capabilities