Xact Control has been developed to integrate your coding, labelling and packaging equipment over multiple production lines ensuring a smoother running operation.

Our solution automates the setting up of your devices to GUARANTEE your staff follow procedures. This improves coding and packaging accuracy by integrating your databases with your packaging line devices. You can control your print, production and packaging machinery from a single point of contact, therefore eliminating mistakes and significantly reducing the risk of a product recall.

With Xact Control, you will create a smarter factory making mistakes a thing of the past, you’ll save time, money, manage production costs and traceability much more effectively.

Automated Line Set Up

Entry to the system is proactively verified using the operators login details or biometric finger scanning which takes you to an electronic checklist ensuring every stage of the production process is followed. This removes the risk of incorrect coding through operator error, reduce job set-up and changeover time as jobs are pre-configured.


Activity on the system is linked back to the operator giving full traceability. A comprehensive line report, audit log and full traceability of all packaging line events are available at the click of a button.

Packaging Validation

Cameras are used to verify each stage of the production operation, label information using OCR verification data from the database, confirming the correct label stock is used.


Realtime data is available immediately across all your devices meaning you can act faster, reduce downtime, secure long-term cost reductions and manage your production efficiency.


Integrate your coding, labelling and packaging equipment with higher level production systems e.g. ERP, MRP, production planning systems and databases.


Our modular format (plug-n-play modules) ensure quick simple connectivity and fast setup process for all the technology in the production environment. Additional modules can be added in easily for more functionality.

With Xact Control, you will create a smarter, faster and more accurate factory maximising efficiencies and significantly reducing the risk of a costly product recall.

Since 1980 Xact have been supplying integrated packaging line solutions across all industries hence the Xact Control solution has been born out of our specialist knowledge and experience on the factory floor. Our specialist knowledge and experience mean we understand the processes and complexities of packaging line processes. Watch our video to find out how Xact Control can transform your business.

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