The new Easy Open system designed by Giró means you can open and close the bag easily and comfortably.

As part of the ongoing research and development from Giro, Nielsen research company were commissioned to find out from consumers what is the most important feature in a net bag. The results were conclusive and prove that consumers prefer net bags over other packaging options (plastic bags, paper or punnets) as visibility, breathability are the most important attributes in fruit packaging.

One in four consumers believes that the “open and close” feature is needed from a net bag hence the latest innovation from Giro! The Easy Open net bag, offers the consumer an unbeatable packaging system for fruit that integrates all the main benefits that consumers want in one bag: visibility, breathability, easy to carry and now easy to open!

Once opened, you can easily take out the number of fruits you require then using the adhesive tag you can easily reseal the bag

The Easy Open System is created using the GirBagger UB Machine

The Easy Open system can be installed in any Girbagger UB model, that means UB-50, UB-60 and UB-65 both in the first generation and the latest Speed Line model. Easy Open kit consists of a net cutting device, a registered label applicator and the software to control these devices. With these elements the GirBagger can make Ultrabag packs with the Easy Open feature, without forgetting that the GirFilm used for the packs must include the flap dye cut..

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Customer Testimonials

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