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The ‘Line-Pack’ uses the Clip2Clip labelling system, which can adapt to the most creative shape and size of label design.  The ‘Clip2Clip’ allows both vertical and horizontal orientation of the package and can be produced on the existing CA-9 machines with a small addition.

The ready to merchandise shipping box has endless possibilities for the supply chain.  It can go straight from the pack house to retail venues and fill a gap in the market.  We see great possibilities for this pack to be marketed as a snack pack for school canteens or tuck shops, newsagents, petrol forecourts and even airports.





Line-Pack at the Point of Sale

Line-Pack is the ideal impulse sales package. An attractive and small package for immediate consumption or to take to work or school forming part of a healthy breakfast on the go. A shipping-display box that can hold about 36 Twin-Pack units (2 pieces each) or 24 Line-Pack units with 3 pieces each is a functional and smart way to show at the POS.  The box, which is fully customisable your marketing messages and the brand of the producer or retailer, is easily converted into a brilliant inclined display ready to stand out to the consumer.


Easy open Line-Pack

The Line-Pack is an exciting new and innovative way to sell fruit. The pack can be marketed as a ‘snack on the go’ product and therefore Giró has developed and patented a new easy open woven mesh. An extremely light and ecological net (less than 1 gr of plastic packaging!) with a weaker area on the pack depicted in another colour where the consumer (even a child) can easily open the package ideal for school lunch boxes! With the Easy-Open net  you simply do not need to cut open the package.

The recommended label size ranges between 160 mm (2 pieces) and 210 mm (3 pieces), with widths of 50 to 60 mm.


CA-9L: The Bagging Machine

The Line-Pack can be made with the CA-9L bagging machine equipped with a Clip2Clip labelling device. CA-9L is an adapted version of the existing CA-9S clipping machine with smaller diameter tubes that enable the fruit to be aligned.   Initially the ‘C’ version, ideal for citrus or rounded fruits will be launched.  Following this, the ‘F’ version for all types of products, for example, for packaging onions in Line-Pack will be launched.  Under research and development trials the machine is capeable of producing up to 40 packs a minute.

Click link for CA9-S Machine

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