Exact 100

New! The World’s most dynamic weighing machine, for ultimate speed and accuracy. Save up to 12 tonnes of fruit per year!

The Exact 100  is a high productivity and extremely accurate dynamic weigher combining the best features of both dynamic and static weighing technologies.  It has an innovative system based on robotic fingers that give the exact dose of fruit to each bucket.

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Dynamic Citrus Weigher PDG4


The PDG-4 is designed for high speed weighing with extremely accurate capabilities.  It is an multi functional automatic weighing machine able to feed up to four baggers at any time. Depending on the product to be packed it is available in four models.

  • PDG-4C:  Ideal for citrus such as oranges, satsumas & clementines.
  • PDG-4L:  Ideal for lemons although can also weigh other citrus.
  • PDG-4FD:  Designed for soft fruits like apples, kiwis, peaches & plums.
  • PDG-4T:  Particularly designed for the weighing of tomatoes.
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PEG 10

Multi-product Weigher

The PEG10-150 is a 10 bucket static weigher capable of handling a full range of fruit and vegetables.

It has been particularly designed as a multi product weigher, used for citrus, potatoes, onions, carrots (up to 250mm), Brussels sprouts, garlic, and chestnuts – with reliable performance for both small and large weights.

With a maximum output of 55 weights per minute, it is ideal for feeding 2 CA9 clipping machines, 2 UB10 welding machines and up to 3 Girplus/Girsac welding machines.

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PDP Peppers

Dynamic Weigher for Peppers

The PDP Peppers machine is based on the successful PDG-4 machine with a special infeed for peppers.  This special feed allows for the gentle handling of peppers and can arrange peppers in packs of set colours. You can choose a set weight, colour and order and the PDP Peppers will do the rest for you.

The machine itself is an automatic weighing machine that utilizes a non-stop dynamic weighing system.

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Static Weigher PEG-12/160

The PEG-12/160 is a multi-product static/linear weighing machine ideally suited to all types of fresh produce. The machine can be configured with either new style GB welding machines, Girplus welding machines & automatic net clipping machines.
The weigher is supplied as standard with an in feed elevator, although this can be removed as / if the configuration requires.

The machine has a weight range of 500g to 10kg in 1 dump (and up to 25kg in several dumps) whilst the buckets have a double flap emptying system.

The fresh produce enters from a standard feeding system and is moved through a vibrating distribution system keeping bruising to a minimum.

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Static Weigher For Fruit PEG-14


Ideal for peaches, apples, tomatoes, avocados, etc …
With 14 buckets, fruit can be directly fed at the top of the weigher through an elevated conveying system or using the optional feeding elevator specially designed for the PEG14.

A vibrating plate spreads the product evenly across the 14 vibrating channels. Coupled with rotary brushes this creates gentle and impact-free product handling. The vibration can be varied to control the in feed.

The discharge system also has soft hair coating on the 2 conveyor exit belts.

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Fruit Counter (Punnet Filling Line)


The F16 is a high speed counting machine from REV made with three independent channels. The fruit is transported by specially shaped soft rubber rollers which simultaneously rotate on themselves, so the fruit rotates as well and is counted using an electronic device.  The system has been designed to gently handle fruit and minimise shock.

The F16 is suitable for all products spherical in shape such as: peaches, nectarines, kiwis, apricots, plums, onions, garlic, citrus fruit, limes, tomatoes and avocados.

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Fruit Counter


The F16 Fruit Counter is a high speed automatic fruit counting machine able to count with a precise preset number. It can be used together with other types of machines (e.g. clippers, for heat sealed bags, etc.). The machine consists of independent channels according to requirements.  Products are transported by specially shaped soft rubber rollers.

The F16 is suitable for all products spherical in shape such as: garlic, onions, citrus fruit, lime, tomatoes and avocados.


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Automatic Weighing Machine – Punnets


The patented Rev Bison is an automatic weighing machine with vibrating channels and pre-containers.  It is suitable for any produce in punnets such as: peaches, nectarines, kiwis, apricots, plums, tomatoes, avocados, pears, etc.

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Automatic Weighing Machine – Delicate Products


The patented Rev Velvet is an automatic weighing machine for delicate products.  The 16 vibrating channels handle and sort produce using an innovative multi discharge system with four belts.

The Velvet is great for fresh produce that requires delicate handling such as: apples, pears, apricots, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, plums, tomatoes, avocados, onions, garlic and citrus etc,

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Automatic Tray Filling Machine


The patented ‘Rooster’ machine is designed to automatically fill trays at high speed.  The trays can be different sizes, options include 60×40 cm with ten baskets arranged in two rows of five or 40×30 cm with eight baskets arranged in two rows of four for version.  The Rooster is suitable for either cardboard or plastic containers.

This machine is suitable for most fresh produce packed in punnets such as: strawberries, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, apricots, plums, tomatoes, avocados, citrus fruit, cherries, french beans, pears, grape, courgettes, carrots, peppers, etc.

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