Automatic Packing Machinery

Plastic-Free! Cardboard Tray Closing Machine

  • Plastic-Free and fully recyclable
  • Fast production
  • Excellent production continuity
  • Automatic machine for closing trays in cardboard (and more) with side wings, including asymmetrical shapes with hot glue.
  • It is the fastest machine on the market, perfect for high-productivity lines.
  • It changes format in less than 2 minutes. Equipped with 3 indexing knobs for the main variations of width and height of the tray; the rest are programmable from the touch-screen panel.
  • Suitable for all packaging lines, both automated and manual-loading.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly mono material package.
  • Compact packing ensures no damage to the produce and the container is fully used, avoiding empty spaces inside the package.
  • Suitable for delicate products, in line or in bulk.
  • It works with trays in cardboard, both flat and corrugated (and, possibly, in other materials). The containers can be die-cut and printed as desired, in order to achieve the best customisation possible and the maximum visibility of the product.
  • It applies an adhesive label on the bottom or upper part of the tray (if equipped with an optional labeller).
  • Easily programmable with various recipes.


  • 4.3” touch-screen control panel
  • New intuitive R-Touch graphic interface with production statistics
  • Workable trays: no minimum limits; maximum length, width and height: 300x210x120
  • Hot-glue applicator branded Preo with 7” colour touch-screen control panel
  • Mechanically synchronised speed of the 3 chains
  • Single adjustment of the speed of the conveyor and belts
  • Interchangeable wing-overturning-guide unit, without utensils
  • Indexing knobs with synchronised movements for tray-size variations
  • Bypass function
  • Management by means of inverter of the tray-infeed conveyor (pre-existing too)
  • Special belts for suiting the tray and product irregularities
  • Indicative production: up to 120-340 trays/min. (according to the length)


  • Tray-infeed conveyor
  • Outfeed buffer conveyor with side diverter (for automated lines only)
  • Outfeed buffer conveyor with package-recirculation system (for automated lines only)
  • Printer on entry for labelling on the bottom of the tray
  • Printer on exit for labelling on the upper part of the tray
  • Additional wing-guide kit
  • Easy Remote teleassistance
  • Integration into SCADA systems
  • 4.0 interconnection

Automatic Tray Filler

  • 3” colour touch-screen control panel
  • Workable punnets: from 250 g to 2 kg, with or without lid, netted, in flowpack, top-seal and clamshell
  • Processing of 60×40-cm open crates only, in reusable cardboard or plastic
  • Recipes programmable: from 4 to 12 punnets each crate, on one or two levels
  • Capability of working delicate products
  • Speedometer and other production statistics
  • Wide empty-crate tank
  • Solid structure
  • Extreme ease of use
  • Possibility of symmetrical mounting (right or left)
  • Approximate production: 60-75 punnets/min. (variable according to the material, the product and the working conditions)


  • Full-crate exit plate
  • Manual or automatic empty-crate feeder
  • Empty-crate direction variable according to the installation
  • Quick tray format change
  • Fast
  • Widely configurable layout

Netting Machine With Welding

  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 2kg
  • Can pack loose product up to 2kg
  • Mono-material which is 100% recyclable
  • 50% less plastic per pack
  • Excellent production continuity
  • Fast production

  • 7” touch-screen control panel
  • Dedicated 10.1” touch-screen control panel for Markem X45 printer
  • Sustainable packaging made of tubular net and only one label, w2w or wineglass label
  • Labels shapes and dimensions are widely customizable
  • Double net tube with automatic tube change (Puma comes with 3 tubes as a standard)
  • Huge autonomy of consumable materials
  • Water cooling for welding (with low water level alarm)
  • Infeed hopper with buffer (pneumatic flap) and anti-bridge system
  • Cushions to soften product drop
  • Outfeed flat belt included, running left or right
  • Food-grade parts in contact with the product
  • Wide use of electric actuators (low energy consumption)
  • Minimum/maximum pack weight: from 100gr to 2,5kg (according to the configuration)
  • Production: up to 37 ppm (according to the dose and to the configuration)


  • Net tubes available in many diameters, according to the produce and to the packaging style
  • V-belt for in-line packaging (replaces the standard infeed hopper)
    Remote assistance

Horizontal Net Packing Machine

  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 2kg
  • Can pack loose product up to 2kg
  • Can use wineglass labels of different lengths
  • Can add an optional (up to 27 mm width)
  • Colour touch-screen panel
  • Instant production indicator (packages/minute)
  • Gentle handling

 Mechanical and pneumatic functioning
• Packages format change with no mechanical variations (up to 300×200 H110 cartons)
• Great net tube capacity (more than 300 metres)
• Net traction (on the tube) by means of rubber counter-rotating conveyors system
• Toshiba high-resolution wineglass labels printer, with alarms management and labels data storage
• Possibility of working wineglass labels of different lengths
• Application of a strip functioning as handle (up to 27 mm of breadth)
• Alarms management by means of a practical colour touch-screen panel
• Instant production indicator (packages/minute)
• Extremely gentle punnets drive system

• Packages closure by means of traditional metal clip in reel (5×0.30÷0.35 mm)
• Easily accessible and LED-lighted clip compartment
• Parts subject to dirt made of AISI304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, in order to facilitate cleaning
• Really high production continuity
• Extremely easy to use
• Potentiality: up to 35 packages/min

Automatic Taping Machine

  • 4,3” color touch screen control panel
  • Works with PP, paper or compostable adhesive tape; dual-component or direct adhesive tape
  • Tape dispenser with rewind mechanism for paper and with end-of-tape sensor
  • Tape dispenser capacity (per channel): 620 m (about 44 minutes working time)
  • Tape width: from 19mm to 38mm
  • Sensor for loaded product, for production optimization
  • Double independent taping mechanisms, configurable on the touch screen
  • Max product height: 200 mm
  • Product width: Max. 270 with 2 channels / Min. 90 mm
  • Diameter standard cradles: 160mm
  • No product weight limit
  • Built in stainless steel (with the exception of the distributors of tape), IP55
  • High production continuity; low maintenance required
  • Low power consumption (1,5Kw)
  • Control panel can be located on the right hand side or on the left hand side (standard is left hand side)
  • Machine weight (heaviest configuration): 705 kg
  • Dimensions for transport: 4400x1100x2000 mm (LxWxH)
  • Max production speed: 52 pcs/min (with 2 feeding lines) or 26 pcs/min (with 1 feeding line)
  • Installation on wheels (H +30 mm)
  • Weight-and-price system with adhesive label applicator
  • Productive, Reliable and Flexible
  • Easy and intuitive to operate
  • Can be positioned into any existing production line

Net Clipping System CA-9S

  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 4kg
  • Output of up to 42 cycles/min (dependent on product and size of bag)
  • Wine glass packs – packaging fruits and vegetables such as oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers or kiwis
  • Automatic tube change
  • One-use wire cassette which can be easily changed
  • New 7” touch screen with an attractive and intuitive user interface
  • New clipping head highly reliable thanks to its variable frequency drive
  • Connectable to GirControl Plus
  • Able to handle Clip2Clip labels with an optional labeler
  • Effective for a wide range of fruits, vegetables and dried fruits
  • Small layout 2×1 m.

Net Clipping System CA-10

  • Able to support weights from 500g to 4kg
  • Automatic reel net feeding system
  • Output: Up to 42 bpm
  • Labeling system: EEC-3/E200 GirPrint with Wineglass.
  • Optional labeling system GirPrint E300 TT
  • New injector system with Bolduc tape
  • One-use wire cassette which can be easily changed.
  • New 7” touch screen
  • Connectable to GirControl Plus for production management
  • The automatic reel net feeding system will save you operating costs
  • With the optional Clip2Clip labeller you can handle either Wineglass or Clip2Clip labels on your packages.
  • Wide range of polyethylene labels or thermal paper labels with different shapes and sizes.
  • You can print variable information on the label in Polyethylene or directly in thermal paper.
  • The CA-10 is effective for a wide range of fruits and vegetables: brussels sprouts, chestnuts, walnuts, garlic, onions, lemons, oranges, clementines, etc.

Crate Wrapping Machine

  • Completely automated with control panel
  • Can process 1, 2 or 3 boxes simultaneously
  • Formats: 3x 190×190 / 2x 250×150 / 2x 300×200 / 1x 400×300 / 1x 500×300 / 1x 600×400
  • Maximum height of boxes 300 mm
  • Can processing cartons or boxes with single and double layer of fruits
  • Use of non-punched film, micro or macro-perforated
  • Use of just extruded net without coupled bands
  • Color touch screen control panel with simple and intuitive interface
  • High capacity of film or net, bobbins up to 300 mm diameter
  • Easy switching from film to net mode (from control panel)
  • Input/output height +300 mm
  • Capacity: from 20 to 50 packs/min (depending on format of crates) Optional
  • Kit works at 3 crates
  • Hot cutting device
  • 90° input crates conveyor at with automatic pushing device
  • Output crates belt
  • Input crates belt
  • Exit slide for crates with level photocell
  • On wheels, for easy positioning and moving
  • Bypass mode for only transit of boxes if the machine is inserted in a plant
  • Possibility of mounting mirrored RH or LH
  • Gentle handling of produce
  • High quality “hot-melt” system, with minimal use of glue
  • Top notch electronic components for automation
  • Continuous processing system (not step by step)
  • Building materials used: stainless steel Aisi 304, anodized aluminum and plastic materials (with the exception of the outer frame of painted steel with high resistance treatment)
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability, high productivity and continuity of production
  • Very easy to operate

There are two main features which set the Rev Hollywood aside from competitors:

1) It can handle smaller size crates in double or triple rows simultaneously therefore increasing production.

2) It can cover crates with extruded flat net without linking it to the film (as for all competitors’ machines); this significantly reduces packaging costs.

Thermo Sealed Punnet Machine

Bagging System GirBagger

  • Suitable weight range – 250g – 5kg
  • Suitable for all fresh produce – citrus, apples, onions, potatoes, sprouts
  • 30 packs per min
  • Output up to 32 bpm (25 bpm with “soft” models)
  • Possibility to add handle or holes in your pack
  • Touch panel and simple menus
  • Conectable to GirControl Plus
  • Smart Consumables systems detection (SCS) for better control of the packaging process
  • Spot-Less: Invisible film centering system
  • Customisable net packing machine – should future requirements change
  • Same footprint as older models
  • Up to 2 1/2 hours continuous production
  • All pack types can be made with registered film on 1 side (as standard) or on both sides (through an optional kit)
  • Comes with an inbuilt fitted labelling system which can be either ‘print and apply’ or a ‘thermal transfer printer’
  • 100% recyclable bags
  • ‘Soft Drop Option’ – choose the GB Soft which is a lift mechanism fitted during manufacturing.  This lift allows the packaging of delicate fruit (apples, kiwi’s, plums etc). *Please see image below