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Crate Wrapping Machine

Rev Hollywood – Capable of automatically covering crates of various dimensions with either film or net. 

The ‘Hollywood’ machine is a high performance machine with a solid and compact structure.  Able to work with crates of any size and can be used both in automated or manual loading production lines.  Suitable for any fresh produce in crates such as: apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, citrus in general, kiwi, peaches, nectarines, grapes etc.

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  • Completely automated with control panel
  • Can process 1, 2 or 3 boxes simultaneously
  • Formats: 3x 190×190 / 2x 250×150 / 2x 300×200 / 1x 400×300 / 1x 500×300 / 1x 600×400
  • Maximum height of boxes 300 mm
  • Can processing cartons or boxes with single and double layer of fruits
  • Use of non-punched film, micro or macro-perforated
  • Use of just extruded net without coupled bands
  • Color touch screen control panel with simple and intuitive interface
  • High capacity of film or net, bobbins up to 300 mm diameter
  • Easy switching from film to net mode (from control panel)
  • Input/output height +300 mm
  • Capacity: from 20 to 50 packs/min (depending on format of crates) Optional
  • Kit works at 3 crates
  • Hot cutting device
  • 90° input crates conveyor at with automatic pushing device
  • Output crates belt
  • Input crates belt
  • Exit slide for crates with level photocell
  • On wheels, for easy positioning and moving
  • Bypass mode for only transit of boxes if the machine is inserted in a plant
  • Possibility of mounting mirrored RH or LH
  • Gentle handling of produce
  • High quality “hot-melt” system, with minimal use of glue
  • Top notch electronic components for automation
  • Continuous processing system (not step by step)
  • Building materials used: stainless steel Aisi 304, anodized aluminum and plastic materials (with the exception of the outer frame of painted steel with high resistance treatment)
  • Easy access for maintenance and cleaning
  • Low maintenance
  • High reliability, high productivity and continuity of production
  • Very easy to operate

There are two main features which set the Rev Hollywood aside from competitors:

1) It can handle smaller size crates in double or triple rows simultaneously therefore increasing production.

2) It can cover crates with extruded flat net without linking it to the film (as for all competitors’ machines); this significantly reduces packaging costs.

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