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Horizontal Net Packing Machine

Rev Vega – The ‘Vega’ is an extremely versatile automatic machine suitable for a wide range of products (all vegetables, citrus and fruit).

It can pack loose products up to 2kg plus products in punnets, trays and small cartons in net.  The ‘Vega’ can also apply a wineglass label and a strip functioning as a handle.  It works with both extruded or knitted net.

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  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 2kg
  • Can pack loose product up to 2kg
  • Can use wineglass labels of different lengths
  • Can add an optional (up to 27 mm width)
  • Colour touch-screen panel
  • Instant production indicator (packages/minute)
  • Gentle handling

 Mechanical and pneumatic functioning
• Packages format change with no mechanical variations (up to 300×200 H110 cartons)
• Great net tube capacity (more than 300 metres)
• Net traction (on the tube) by means of rubber counter-rotating conveyors system
• Toshiba high-resolution wineglass labels printer, with alarms management and labels data storage
• Possibility of working wineglass labels of different lengths
• Application of a strip functioning as handle (up to 27 mm of breadth)
• Alarms management by means of a practical colour touch-screen panel
• Instant production indicator (packages/minute)
• Extremely gentle punnets drive system

• Packages closure by means of traditional metal clip in reel (5×0.30÷0.35 mm)
• Easily accessible and LED-lighted clip compartment
• Parts subject to dirt made of AISI304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, in order to facilitate cleaning
• Really high production continuity
• Extremely easy to use
• Potentiality: up to 35 packages/min

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Customer Testimonials

Our FT14 manual netting machine enables us to do what the big supermarkets
do! The end product has a practical and professional look and feel to it and the machine is so easy to use.”

Edward Garthwaite, Managing Director, Blackerhall Farm

Customer Testimonials

"We went ahead with the system because of its flexibility, user-friendliness and print quality. All personnel – production, engineering and operators are very happy with the system."