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CA10 Machine
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Net Clipping System CA-10

The ‘CA10’ is the World’s first automatic clipping machine using netting reel – it (almost) never stops This means there is a 68% saving of operating time to refill consumables and has a long net autonomy: more than 7,000 bags!  Producing up to 40 bags per minute, the CA-10 is fully compatible with GirControl Plus to exchange productivity data and breakdown ratios in a remote way.  The CA-10 has a touch screen panel and easy to use interface through intuitive icons.  Optional GirPrint labelling machine to print and supply Wineglass labels.

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  • Able to support weights from 500g to 4kg
  • Automatic reel net feeding system
  • Output: Up to 42 bpm
  • Labeling system: EEC-3/E200 GirPrint with Wineglass.
  • Optional labeling system GirPrint E300 TT
  • New injector system with Bolduc tape
  • One-use wire cassette which can be easily changed.
  • New 7” touch screen
  • Connectable to GirControl Plus for production management
  • The automatic reel net feeding system will save you operating costs
  • With the optional Clip2Clip labeller you can handle either Wineglass or Clip2Clip labels on your packages.
  • Wide range of polyethylene labels or thermal paper labels with different shapes and sizes.
  • You can print variable information on the label in Polyethylene or directly in thermal paper.
  • The CA-10 is effective for a wide range of fruits and vegetables: brussels sprouts, chestnuts, walnuts, garlic, onions, lemons, oranges, clementines, etc.

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