Compostable Labels

New! 100% Compostable Labels

We’ve reinvented the clipped packaging with these new 100% compostable labels!

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  • 100% compostable label
  • Compostable material can be biodegraded by microbiological action in a short period of time without leaving visible toxic residues
  • Compostability is regulated by the European regulation EN-13432, which defines its de fi nition as well as the procedures to determine it.
  • The products of Giró’s range of compostable products have been certified according to the European standard EN-13432, thus offering all the necessary guarantees in the care of the environment
  • After use, the label should be deposited in organic matter containers
  • Complement of the ECOGIRO range with 100% compostable products
  • Nowadays, it is possible to produce compostable clipped bags, but in the future, it will also be possible to produce compostable thermal welded bags

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Customer Testimonials

Our FT14 manual netting machine enables us to do what the big supermarkets
do! The end product has a practical and professional look and feel to it and the machine is so easy to use.”

Edward Garthwaite, Managing Director, Blackerhall Farm

Customer Testimonials

"We went ahead with the system because of its flexibility, user-friendliness and print quality. All personnel – production, engineering and operators are very happy with the system."