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New!  The Easy Open net bag is designed to easily open and close the package without the need for cutting elements

The new patented ‘Easy Open’ net bag allows you to open the bag by pulling a flap which can be re-sealed afterwards with the attached adhesive label.  Suitable for a wide variety of produce.

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  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 3kg
  • Can be produced on any GirBagger UB machine
  • Easy to carry
  • Package can be sealed again using adhesive strip
  • One of every four consumers thinks that an easy “open-close” system in a bag is needed
  • Easy to open, convenient to close and ideal for recycling
  • Easy to open and take out the desired number of pieces
  • Good content visibility
  • Good breathability for contents
  • The adhesive label on the flap allows the container to be closed again
  • The kit consists of a net cutting element, a registered system of application of sealing labels and the corresponding control software
  • The Easy Open can be used by the consumer to store supermarket bags or deposit plastic bags to be recycled
  • The adhesive label can be used if the bag is rolled up so the bag takes up less space in the recycling bin

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