Ultrabag Fashioned Potatoes
Ultrabag Fashioned Onions
Ultrabag Fashioned Oranges

Ultrabag Fashioned

A creative, innovative and unique looking package

The Ultrabag Fashioned system is a creative and unique packaging solution allowing you to tailor the design and shape of the package to suit the message. Its wide band welded to the bag gives a more upright shape which allows the pack to stand up for better display and packing purposes and offers great communication capability.

This Ultrabag Fashioned can be made using different band and net width combinations to fit the packaging size for every need. Dies or handle can be incorporated for easy transport.  Suitable for a full range of fruit.

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  • Suitable weight range – 2kg – 3kg
  • Suitable for all fruit
  • Attractive design with endless possibilities
  • Click links to see machine(s) – CA10 and CA9-S
  • Flexible design options, unlimited possibilities
  • Fashioned Girfilm size 120mm to 145mm
  • Can be made with any shape (not angles)
  • Centered message using SpotLess film

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