Ultrabag Paper

Traditional, attractive vintage look

The Ultrabag Paper is a variation on the popular Ultrabag which gives the pack a traditional ‘paper’ feel and can be created without modifying the Girbagger machine.  It provides a totally different look and feel to the pack but keeps all the features of the Ultrabag.  This pack can be used on a full range of fruits and vegetables and will really make the product stand out from the crowd.

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  • Ecological look and feel
  • Different finish gives high added value packing stands out from the crowd
  • Finish with a traditional look and feeling
  • Great printed surface to communicate
  • No need to modify neither add any kit to the Girbagger

No modification needed on the Girbagger machine

  • Vintage, traditional and recycled feel to the finish
  • Ultrabag Paper can be made by the packing machines GirBagger UB-65, UB-60 and UB-50, without adding any kit
  • Films with 90 – 119 – 145mm width
  • The material can be perfectly heat sealed with the mesh and even with a plastic handle
  • A handle can be added. Holes can not be used.
  • The maximum weight resistance is slightly limited compared to a 100% plastic packing

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