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Window Ultrabag

A package ‘with a view’

A variant of the Ultrabag, the Window Ultrabag allows better visability of the content.  Suitable for a full range of fruit.  It is a unique looking pack which can stand up or lay flat.  The finish can be gloss, matt or transparent films and the window feature allows customisable window cutouts.

Although there is a large printable area, the Window Ultrabag still provide good airflow around the products.

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  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 3kg
  • The window can be made with the most convinient shape and size
  • Handle or holes for gripping and transportation
  • Ideal for high value-added fruit packaging
  • Recommended Girfilm Window 145mm
  • Produced with the GirBagger without additional kit
  • Possibility of multiple window shape

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