Static Weigher PEG 12/160

A Versatile And Productive Weigher

The PEG-12/160 is a multi-product static/linear weighing machine ideally suited to all types of fresh produce. The machine can be configured with either new style GB welding machines, Girplus welding machines & automatic net clipping machines.  The weigher is supplied as standard with an in feed elevator, although this can be removed as / if the configuration requires.

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  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 3kg
  • Handling – Handle
  • Click links to see machine(s) – CA10 and CA9-S
  • Labelling
  • Film widths
  • Comes in 3 different models, PEG12/160 Ideal for a wide range of varieties such as potatoes, onions or avocado
  • PEG-12/160 XL – Ideal for environments that require bigger packagings
  • PEG-12/160 XS – Adapted to dried fruits like walnuts or chestnuts
  • Static weighing system with a digital filter of 12 buckets in line
  • Capable of handling a full range of fruits and vegetables: min 15mm
  • Output up to 60 weights/min (1kg)
  • Range of weights from 500g to 10kg (in 1 dump) and up to 25kg in several dumps.
  • Discharge system through 2 bidirectional exit belts
  • Weight accuracy of 5% for weights up to 1kg, and from 0,5% to 2% for higher weights

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