Static Weigher PEG 14/120

Delicate Weigher For Soft Fruit

Designed specifically for a wide range of soft fruit, the PEG-14/120 is a bucket static weighing machine.  Ideal for peaches, apples, tomatoes and avocados etc.  With 14 buckets, fruit can be directly fed at the top of the weigher through an elevated conveying system or using the optional feeding elevator specially designed for the PEG14.  A vibrating plate spreads the product evenly across the 14 vibrating channels. Coupled with rotary brushes this creates gentle and impact-free product handling. 

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  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 5kg
  • Capable of operating with a wide range of soft fruit such as apples, tomatoes, avocados, peaches
  • Static weighing technology with 14 weighing buckets, in line
  • Weighing range from 500g to 5kg
  • Output up to 45 discharges/min (1 kg weights)
  • Rotary brushes and soft-hair coated vibrating channels for gentle and impact-free product handling
  • Discharge system to baggers via two conveyor belts with soft-hair coating
  • Machine will continue to operate, even with a damaged load bucket
  • Static weighing machine designed to weigh a wide range of soft fruit: apples, kiwis, peaches, tomatoes, avocados.
  • Optimal capacity of discharges in order to achieve the maximum output
  • Possibility to feed up to 2 baggers directly

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