Accurate, Safe and Reliable Combination Metal Detection and Checkweighing Systems Suitable For All Industries.

Xact provide a range of advanced end-of-line control systems combining our compact checkweighing and metal detection systems.  This one point of inspection is used across all industries including food manufacturing and packaging to detect metal contaminants and undesirable foreign bodies in your products.  Our systems are highly sensitive and will ultimately improve compliance and protect your brand.

 Xact’s combination systems can be tailored to suit your specific requirements and can be built to fit into existing production lines playing a vital role in your quality control process.  We deliver cost effective solutions to improve productivity and profitability and ultimately save you time and money.

Metal Detector & Checkweigher MC Series – Integrated System

Integrated Metal Detector and Checkweigher

The MC Series Metal Detector is an advanced end-of-line control system achieved by combining a mono or multiple frequency Metal detector with an HSC350 checkweigher.

Scale Range up to 6 kg
Division from 0.5 g
Protection IP54
Speed up to 250 ppm

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Metal Detector & Checkweigher MR Series – Sturdy For Extreme Industrial Environments

High Speed Checkweigher with Metal Detector

Created for use with jars, boxes, bricks and bottles in dry or wet environments, the MR series checkweigher is sturdily built and features a chain conveyor mechanism that achieves an optimum speed.

Scale Range up to 3 kg
Division from 1 g
Protection IP67-IP69K
Speed up to 300 ppm

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