1. Improve efficiency and quality

Operate single or multiple print heads, including a mix of print technologies, across one or more production lines using one interface, reducing user errors and recalls.

2. Integrate with ease

Integrate with your enterprise systems without specialized server software or hardware and integrate all your existing devices, regardless of manufacturer.

3. Reduce costs

Flexible architecture and a library of plug-ins keep integration costs down, even for the most complex configurations.

The new MPERIA™ platform represents a major advance in production line coding management , offering unrivalled flexibility and control.

Developed as a universal platform for our various printing technologies, MPERIA™ allows you to manage print files and settings for multiple printers across one or several production lines or packaging locations. The system is completely scalable, allowing your business to grow without impacting your current marking system, ensuring your initial investment is secure when your mark requirements change. 

Seamless integration with other production line devices and PLC’s, as well as ERP/WMS and database systems is also a key feature of MPERIA™, helping to improve productivity, eliminating coding errors and costly product re-calls. Integrated verification systems ensure that prints are accurate and readable at every point – from product to pallet.

MPERIA® is available in three base models to suit your business, anticipated print requirements and budget. So whether you require a basic stand-alone printing system or a fully integrated solution across multiple production lines or locations, we have a solution to meet your requirements.


The MPERIA™ Lite is the most compact controller in the MPERIA™ product line. Incorporating a 7″ touch screen, the Lite manages one VIAjet™ printing technology, with options to expand the system, including the number of controlled devices. Options for IP42 and IP54 Enclosed.

MPERIA™ Standard

The MPERIA™ Standard incorporates a 12″ touch screen with the capability to support all VIAjet™ printing technologies for simultaneous print control across one or more production lines. Upgrades allow for a virtually unlimited number of VIAjet™ devices and functionality. Options for IP42 and IP54 Enclosed.

MPERIA™ (H.E) Harsh Environment

The MPERIA™ (H.E) has the same capability as the MPERIA™ Standard and includes a 15″ touch screen fitted within an IP65 stainless steel enclosure, making it particularly suitable for the harshest production environments.


Optimised for machine builders wanting to integrate a robust, reliable and cost-effective coding and marking solution in their production lines.

+ Remote Control GUI via VNC or Mperia™ Creator
+ Wall or panel mount options

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