Net Packing & The Environment

Our net packs are amongst the most sustainable on the market.

The unique breathability and visibility of the net pack allow the produce to maintain all it’s natural features with the advantage of having an extremely lightweight pack. Our products are not only 100% recyclable, but they contain recycled material. We also offer compostable net solutions as part of our range.

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Concrete Info! Xact’s MPERIA® VIAjet V-Series Printing System…..The Most Trusted and Reliable Solution Across the Construction Industry

A leading UK manufacturer of concrete blocks required a robust and reliable in-line printing solution to meet their product identification, traceability and QA processes. The installation of our MPERIA® VIAjet V-Series printing system delivered on all key requirements…….and more!

Key to the decision-making process and placing their business with Xact was the unrivalled flexibility our MPERIA® system provided the business, such as the ability to manage the marking process across both block lines from a single interface with the facility to expand the system in the future.

Other factors influencing the decision-making process were;

  • The customer stipulated it was essential the proposed system could provide a large high quality print format to ensure clear visibility of the codes when blocks are stored in the yard
  • Our V-series systems are proven as the most industrial printing technology on the market, so the tough operating conditions of the plant (dust, vibration, variable operating temperatures etc) were no issue to long-term performance and reliability
  • Our years of expertise within the industrial sector, in-particular our knowledge of coding & marking construction products, provided added confidence for the customer to move forward with Xact.

About the MPERIA® VIAjet V-Series Printing System

The MPERIA ViaJet V series printing system represents the latest and most robust industrial ink-jet marking technology available, ensuring dependable long-term performance and reliability in the most demanding operating environments.  The system provides exceptional versatility and print quality for the application of variable product information and traceability codes, as well as barcodes, logos and graphics onto both porous and non-porous materials.   

Typical applications include the coding & marking of Construction Products, Chemicals & Fertiliser, Industrial Packaging, Automotive Products, Foams, Plastics & Films, Paper & Pulp. The capability to operate in these sectors means that more basic applications are also suited to the V-series printer.

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Automatic Handling Solutions

The demand for automating handling processes and being more efficient is becoming more prevalent. Using our automated packing systems and robotic automation will not only save you money by reducing operator costs, you will increase the quality, efficiency and consistency of your set up.

We provide everything from stand-alone robots to full automated systems embedded in existing production lines. Our solutions comprise ‘Robot Palletising’, ”Stacking’ and ‘High Speed Pick and Place’.

All our solutions have an integrated process control built with the latest robotic software, product and pallet handling conveyors. Covering all industries and providing full service and support, there has never been a better time to discover how our systems could work for you.

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