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Pack, Fill, Seal! Our New Multi Format VFFS Packaging Machine

Fast • Flexible • Trusted

Our new VFFS packaging machinery range is ideal for effortlessly packing almost any dry product! 

The IRTA Multiformat Machines are perfect Whether you are looking to pack snacks, nuts, confectionery, dried fruit, powders, spices, seeds, pet food…the list is endless.

Pack examples:

FAST – Up to 100 bags per minute

FLEXIBLE – 5 different bag types

TRUSTED – sold globally for its quality4

Recently we have expanded our range of solutions and partnered with machine manufacturers and market leaders in Spain, the IRTA Group. This new partnership enables us to offer a range of high performance multiformat packaging machines to the UK market.

IRTA specialise in manufacturing high quality Vertical form fill and sealing machine (VFFS). With an expert engineering team and UK based Sales and Engineering support these versatile machines are designed to be robust, reliable and versatile, ideal for nuts, snacks and dried fruits!
The high performance IRTA VX STB DOY multiformat bag packaging machine allows fast and effortless changes using the latest innovative technology. This is the most suitable vertical packaging machine (VFFS) for making the most common sized bags on a single machine – Doy pouch, pillow type, block bottom, block bottom quad seal and 4 and 5 seals, envelope.

Learn more about the VFFS Doy Packaging Machines

Call Xact today to find out more!  Tel: 0151 479 3020  Email:
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All systems are supported by our team of experienced engineers. 

Command and Control Your Production Goals With Drop-on-Demand Valvejet Printing and Xact

See in 2 minutes how to keep your production line marking and coding at peak productivity with the V-Series Drop-on-Demand valvejet printers. Excelling in challenging environments, the V-Series thrives in primary and secondary printing on a variety of applications including wood, building products, steel/metal, rubber, concrete, stone as well as corrugate packaging, bags, and cartons. The V-Series is driven by MPERIA; the automated, centralised, and adaptable marking and coding platform. From operating a single printer on a single production line to multiple marking systems across many lines, MPERIA is the industry’s only controller than can do it all.

For further information call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

Video courtesy of Matthews Marking Systems:

Polytag, Xact and Interket partner for DDRS pilot

Recycling technology company Polytag, one of the UK’s leading coding and marking specialists, Xact and label manufacturer Interket have teamed up to enable Ocado Retail to deliver a first-of-its-kind Digital Deposit Return Scheme (DDRS) pilot in the UK.

The trial will test the feasibility of a key component of a DDRS – the application of ‘unique-every-time’ QR codes to packaging. Xact and Interket will apply Polytag’s codes to Ocado’s fully recyclable two-pint and four-pint milk bottles, made up of at least 30 percent recycled material, over the next 12 weeks.

Until now, it has only been possible to print ‘unique-every-time’ QR codes using digital label printing, at significantly reduced speeds and far higher costs. This new process, developed by Xact and Polytag, means that brands and retailers can continue to use standard plate printing label techniques and simply digitize a 16mm x 16mm white space on the label using a proprietary connection to the Polytag technology.

Polytag’s ‘unique-every-time’ QR codes will be printed onto Interket’s Ecoket labels, which are manufactured from a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recyclate (PCR).

English, Welsh and Northern Irish governments are expected to announce the response to the DRS consultation in the coming months. There is increasing pressure on the devolved administrations to consider a complementary digital solution – particularly following widespread criticism of the Scottish reverse vending machine-based DRS rollout.

Upon scanning the QR codes, consumers will also receive instructions and a clear call-to-action for shoppers, further simplifying the recycling process.

Polytag’s QR code and app-based mobile phone technology is also built to meet GS1 standards, following its approval by GS1 UK earlier this year. This means recyclable goods can be tracked and traced through the circular economy, providing stakeholders with never-before-seen packaging lifecycle information, and opportunities to collaborate easily through the use of global, interoperable data standards.

Chris Jolly, director at Xact, commented, “It’s fantastic to be involved in such a pioneering and creative project. Xact has over 40 years’ industry experience, and we are proud that our GS1 compliant coding, traceability and software solutions are helping to enable this ground-breaking and ethical process. We have partnered with Polytag on this project since its infancy in 2017 and remain excited for the future and the endless possibilities that could change the face of recycling.”

Commenting on the trial, Alice Rackley, CEO, Polytag, said: ‘This world-first trial has game-changing implications for recycling in this country. A successful trial, supported by ‘the world’s largest online-only supermarket Ocado Retail, will be a significant step towards the implementation of a DDRS in this country that will provide a much more convenient and environmentally friendly way for households to recover their deposits. Not only that, brands will be presented with radical new marketing tools and a wealth of data on how consumers are recycling their products.’

Laura Fernandez, senior packaging and sustainability manager at Ocado Retail, concluded: ‘As the world’s largest online supermarket, we champion the use of innovative technology as we strive to become the UK’s most sustainable grocery retailer. Polytag’s digital platform offers plenty of environmental and economic benefits for retailers and customers alike – it’s easy to use and when used at scale, could have a hugely positive impact on the nation’s deposit return scheme. We’re looking forward to seeing how our customers respond to the trial and how many would redeem their deposit at home.’

David Acott, operations director (UK), Interket, added, “We are delighted that one of our Ecoket range of materials is being used in this ground-breaking trial with exciting implications for the industry. It has been great to work with Polytag’s retrofitted technology. It feels like the start of something very special and opens up amazing new opportunities for the label market, brands and retailers.”

For further information call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

Centralised Marking Brings Improved Barcodes and Traceability to Vegetable Producer.

A leading vegetable producer prepares for growth by upgrading to a centralised marking and coding system. Resulting benefits include increased efficiency, improved traceability, fewer quality holds and rejects, and an overall better customer experience.


A large vegetable producer supplying major retailers had issues with its date printing equipment causing barcode readability issues on the cases of hydroponic butter lettuce grown in their facility. Poorly printed barcodes created the potential for the product to be held up in quality holds or rejected entirely by their customers. Traceability also became an issue with the outdated technology of their current marking system, which was unable to integrate with their data system. 

The coding and marking solution included MPERIA® L-Series Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ), all controlled from the easy-to-use MPERIA platform and controller. Integrating data from their business system with MPERIA provides additional assurance that products can be successfully traced in the event of a recall or related issue. Not only does this keep them from potentially incurring compliance fines, but it instills additional confidence in their customers reselling their products.

The Challenge

The company had genuine concerns about the performance of the printing equipment on the production line. Poor print quality led to rework, product scrap, and rejection of the butter lettuce cases by customers due to the information printed on their PTI (product traceability initiative) label being unreadable. 

In addition to needing better print quality of the marks, the company also required the ability to track and trace its products. Not only as a company that prided itself on quality but also to stay current with traceability requirements. Integrating their database with their marking technology was critical to making this happen.

The Solution

The print quality issues were solved by integrating data from its business system easy with the MPERIA platform and controller and MPERIA L-Series L-50 Thermal Inkjet Printers.

The MPERIA L-Series L50 printheads drastically improved barcode readability on the cartons of butter lettuce, with consistent, high-resolution marks. The installation of the L-Series L-50 printheads led to a significant decline in product rework and scrap. It increased satisfaction and confidence in the production team that their carton marks were living up to the same high quality that their company’s produce is known for. 

The MPERIA Platform and Standard Controller streamlined operations and reduced the risk of accidental human error by allowing print management, message creation, editing, and marking data flow from one central location. MPERIA also allowed for successfully tracing its products in the event of a recall or related issue, preventing them from potentially incurring compliance fines or losing customer confidence in the quality of its products.

Improved print quality.

Improved print quality was also achieved with the Matthews L-Series L50 printheads. The L50s provide the company with the ability to print crisp 2” marks and on its cartons of butter lettuce. With easily readable marks, they were able to confidently print their traceability barcodes and product information to help their customers in distribution and reduce scrap and rework.

Easy to use software. 

The all-in-one MPERIA platform and controller gives a single point of contact to control a production line. With MPERIA’s easy integration, data from a business system can automatically print on every case to reduce coding errors and increase overall efficiency. They can also add new printers and devices at any time without needing to purchase additional controllers, MPERIA allows them to quickly scale their operation while maintaining centralized control from one controller.

The Results

The company experienced immediate improvement in the quality of the barcodes printed on their cartons with the L-Series marking systems.

Less rework and scrap mean employees spend more time focused on the tasks adding value to the production process. And management has renewed confidence that the products shipped to their distributors for accounts like Walmart and Kroger would not be subject to quality holds or rejection.

Centralised management of marking data and integration into the business data system enabled efficiency gains on the production line and gave the company peace of mind in its traceability initiative. Plus all the employees appreciated the intuitive nature of using the MPERIA controller; they were up and running in no time and did not require technical training to become comfortable interacting with it, saving time and money. 

For further information call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

A Leading Producer of Pickles and Peppers, Streamlines Production With the Help of the MPERIA® Marking and Coding System.

A pickle and pepper producer has been delighting customers for more than 95 years, annually producing millions of cases of pickles, peppers, and relish in their 300,000 sq ft facility. Ten production lines produce both six-pack cases and 12 pack cases of their branded products as well as third-party products.

The company found that dated marking equipment required substantial maintenance and it didn’t provide the flexibility needed for the variety of tray packs with the company prints on. Additionally, the barcodes printed were inconsistent and not always readable, causing quality holds and potential rejection by their customers in distribution centres. Needing a new solution they shopped the market for a company with better technology and top-tier customer service.

“We looked at 3 or 4 other companies and other marking systems, but we chose the MPERIA L-Series thermal inkjet solution  for a variety of reasons. Number 1, we liked their technology. We liked the cartridge system, because every time we changed cartridges, we got a new printhead installed. We liked the options – they had bag systems or bulk systems. And the setup and customisation we were able to do, Matthews worked with us throughout the whole project to a large testing timeframe, and we were able to do customisations that we needed to do. I thought the customer service was just excellent, so that’s a lot of the reasons we went with Matthews.” – Head of Manufacturing

The Challenge

The company was faced with illegible barcodes and unreliable marking equipment that was expensive to maintain. The old dot matrix style of printing experienced clogged ports that caused lines in their barcodes which made them unreadable. The legacy system was inflexible and they were forced to deploy two different sets of printers to accommodate the variety of cases and tray packs they need to mark. And their customers wanted a better print setup that enabled barcodes to be scanned from a greater distance.

The Solution

The solution was to install the MPERIA L-Series thermal inkjet printers on ten manufacturing lines. The stitched L-Series L1 TIJ printers provide high-resolution 2-inch marking capability on both sides of their tray packs and cases. The solution includes the intuitive, easy-to-operate MPERIA controller for each of the production lines as well as the ABIS bulk ink supply system, allowing it to run nearly non-stop.

“So we worked with them to install VIAjet printer technology and that has proved to be very, very reliable, very clean and very good barcodes.” – said the Head of Manufacturing.

Unlike the old print technology that required two different sets of printers, one set for six-pack cases and one for 12 pack cases, the MPERIA L-Series solution consolidated everything into one print area. This markedly improved efficiency while substantially reducing the maintenance burden.

Three ways the company increased production:

1. Reduced scrap and re-work.

Crisp, clear, legible barcodes from the MPERIA L-Series gave the company exactly what they and their customers in distribution needed. Cases and tray packs of pickles did not have to be re-worked because of poor print quality, ensuring a productivity boost while reducing quality holds in distribution centres.

“We saw a reduction of 70-75% downtime related just to printer technology. And then we probably reduced our quality holds related to printing issues around 80% just by going to the new technology.” – Head of Manufacturing.

2. Substantial maintenance savings.

Unlike the legacy marking system that required regular monitoring and maintenance, the MPERIA L-Series is incredibly easy to maintain. Swapping the print cartridge means a new printhead each time, removing one of the main pain points from the legacy system. 

3. Improved flexibility.

MPERIA L1 printheads are very compact and offer the additional benefit of being able to be stitched together in an array allowing larger prints or specific mark sizes. The company eliminated a redundant set of printers and consolidated everything into one print area by deploying the L1s.

“Previously, we used to use two different sets of printers, we used one set of printers for six-pack cases and we used a second set of printers for 12 pack cases, and by going to this system, we consolidated everything into one print area.” – Head of Manufacturing

The Results

The company was able to achieve a 30% reduction in the cost per mark on their cases and tray packs after installing the MPERIA L-Series solution. Additionally, they experienced a 70-75% reduction in downtime related to printer technology and a decrease of nearly 80% in quality holds related to marking problems from the legacy system.

“Through ink savings alone, we will have the entire cost as a capital project paid off in two-and-a-half years. And there’s an immense amount of maintenance savings and labour hours savings…..” – Project Manager

For further information call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

Manufacturer of Dietary Supplements Saves Time, Reduces Waste, and Increases Marking Flexibility with New Coding Solution.

Seeking to eliminate labour and errors due to previous product carton embossing process, a leading pharmaceutical company chose a more flexible marking and coding system.

The Challenge

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturing facility sought a new solution. After the company purchased new L-Series thermal inkjet marking and coding system, time previously spent operating the old system was cut by as much as 1.5 hours per print run, errors and resulting waste were significantly reduced, and the ability to print on bottles—in addition to boxes—was gained. These benefits yielded a complete return on investment for the manufacturer in less than three months.

The Pharmaceuticals manufacturer produces a variety of dietary supplements and functional beverages. To mark two lines of lot numbers and best before dates on their product boxes after the contents (bottles or sachets) were packaged and prior to the overwrapping process, the company used a box embossing printer. This was labour intensive to set up and operate plus if the mark was incorrect the boxes could not be re-printed, resulting in lost time and waste.

Additionally, at least one of the four staffers managing the marking and coding process had to operate the embossing printer. That process could take as long as 1.5 hours to print a single batch of approximately 1,640 boxes. The box embosser was also unable to mark the bottom of bottles, forcing the company to instead mark labels with lot numbers and best before dates in a separate process, then apply them to the bottles.

VIAjet™ L-Series L12 thermal inkjet printing system was connected to their packaging line, and a successful trial run of both boxes and bottles was undertaken.

Engineered for industrial and packaging marking—such as batch codes, date codes, fixed and variable texts, graphics and barcodes—on porous and non-porous materials, the L-Series L12 sports a 0.5-inch thermal inkjet printhead capable of making up to 0.5-inch-tall marks in either horizontal or down print directions. It can be configured to mark high-resolution print (600 x 600 dots per inch) at speeds up to 200 feet per minute, or to mark 600 x 75 dots per inch at high speeds up to 1,660 feet per minute, easily accommodating the BF SUMA’s desired production rate of 25 to 40 marks per minute.

The management team were impressed by the ease of set up, flexibility afforded by the TIJ system. Although the company was only considering using the L-Series to imprint on boxes, the demo proved it capable of marking the bottom of its bottles.  The system also gave a wider range of printing options such as text size and variable lengths.

The Results
LABOUR SAVING: Since the installation the company have eliminated one labour hour per person, as the printing happens automatically once the boxes are conveyed to the device.

SPACE SAVING & EASE OF USE: Additionally, the marking system is much smaller than the previous embossing printer, which was so large it required dedicated floor space.

WASTE REDUCTION:  The company is also able to do away with printing separate labels for bottles, as the same VIAjet printer can be used to mark the bottles directly and in different character sizes and lengths.

FAST ROI: Due to all these benefits, the company achieved a full return on its investment in the VIAjet system within three months.

Xact is a full-service provider of marking technologies from World Leading manufacturer Matthews Marking Systems. Our experts will be happy to provide you with free, no-obligation advice on your marking requirements, including on-site at your production facility.

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UKCA Marking: Prepare For The New Marking Requirement With Xact!

Are you required to mark your goods with the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) logo? The team at XACT will be happy to show you how to integrate the new mark into your production process.

The UKCA marking requirement for the UK will soon come into effect for a wide range of manufacturing companies trading in the UK. Prepare your production line for the new requirement during the transition period which ends on December 31, 2022.

Reliable UKCA marking with Xact!

Inkjet printing solutions from Xact are ideal for applying the UKCA mark to your goods for their reliability and crisp printing capabilities. If you already have an inkjet printing system in your production facility, we will be happy to work with you to evaluate the options for integrating the new marking requirement into it.

During a free on-site visit to your production facility, we will check to see how well the print image of your marking system can be adapted to comply with the new regulations. If the printable area of your marking system is already exhausted, an expansion of the printable area is conceivable: for example, by adding another print head or by replacing a printer with a print head with an extended print height.

UKCA marking is only mandatory for goods intended for distribution and trade in the United Kingdom including England, Wales, and Scotland with additional marking required for Northern Ireland. In other countries of the European Union, the CE mark must still be applied.

Flexibility is what counts

Marking with our MPERIA® printing systems is ideal precisely because it’s possible to change the print image at any time, even during the ongoing production process. This flexibility is crucial for a smooth and efficient production and keeps your ink consumption low. With the MPERIA controller, you have the flexibility to meet exactly these different marking requirements: First mark the quantity of goods required for the UK market with the UKCA print image and then switch to marking with the CE logo during the ongoing production process. Of course, you could also apply the CE mark together with the UKCA logo to your goods. In this case, however, the space and ink requirements are a decisive criterion.

Questions about the implementation of the UKCA marking in your industry? We’ll be happy to prepare you for the new regulation

Xact is a full-service provider of marking technologies from World Leading manufacturer Matthews Marking Systems. Our experts will be happy to provide you with free, no-obligation advice on your marking requirements, including on-site at your production facility.

For further information call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

Command and Control Your Entire Production Line With MPERIA®

See how a marking and coding controller can lead to measurable results on your production line. Improve your productivity, reduce human error and associated costs while future-proofing your technology investment with the easy-to-use MPERIA controller.

Whether operating a single printer on a single production line or multiple printers across many lines, the MPERIA platform is the industry’s only universal marking and coding controller that can do it all!

From easy message creation to marking automation, MPERIA gives you seamless integration with your backend business systems (as well as PLCs)( and reliable operation day in and day out). Connect third-party printers or vision systems for tracking and code validation without hassle; MPERIA is as simple or as sophisticated as you need – it really does it all so you don’t have to.

For further information about MPERIA® and our range of printing technologies, please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

Metal Marking Gets 50% Efficiency Boost!

An International supplier within the aluminium extrusions industry upgraded from CIJ to DOD to achieve 50% improved efficiency, lower costs, and anticipated one-year ROI.

After experiencing consistent, production-halting performance issues with their existing CIJ printing solution, the company tackled their challenge by implementing VIAjet™ V-Series DOD Inkjet Printer with the MPERIA® automation platform from World Leading coding experts Matthews Marking Systems.

The company’s CIJ marking equipment regularly caused production line stoppage, putting their schedule at risk. Known for quality, expertise, and timeliness; failing to deliver on time to customers was unacceptable. The team replaced their existing printing solution with the VIAjet™ V-Series DOD inkjet printer with the MPERIA® automation platform.

Implementing this advanced system allowed the company to quickly achieve:

+ 50% greater line efficiency

+ Centralised control of print production

+ Substantially lower maintenance costs

+ Decreased ink costs

The new solution didn’t require any modifications to the existing production line and overall they anticipate seeing a full return on their investment within one year!

The Challenge

The company’s existing CIJ solution was not sustainable. They needed a dependable, industrial-grade marking solution that could:
+ Excel in the mill’s harsh environment,
+ Reliably perform with minimal maintenance, and
+ Produce a quality mark consistent with the brands reputation.

Their Plant Manager explained, “The system required a lot of ongoing maintenance, and regularly drove up our downtime costs.  There were times when we couldn’t fulfill customer orders because the printers were not working.  At times, the team was forced to move their one functional CIJ printer between facilities in order to maintain production flow.  We couldn’t afford to consistently delay customer orders due to printer malfunctions and those delays hurt our customer relationships and were damaging to our brand.”

The Solution

The VIAjet V-Series DOD inkjet printer with the MPERIA automation platform easily fulfilled their requirements, ensuring they could confidently meet operational goals while delivering customer satisfaction.

Outstanding Reliability, Durability, and Efficiency

The solution is durable enough to withstand even the most challenging industrial environments; provides optimal efficiency with the longest-life printheads in the industry (over 9 billion firings); and reliably prints crisp, clear marks with precise placement and timing. Routine cleaning and maintenance is greatly simplified with the flushing valve systems in the V-Series. An advanced printhead nozzle design, featuring exclusive micro-valve ink circulation technology, dramatically lowers ink consumption without compromising print quality. The combination of reliability, durability and efficiency allowed them to maintain maximum line productivity with minimal maintenance and almost no down time, driving their efficiency boost to a 50% gain.

Seamless Integration and Full Scalability

Designed to integrate easily with existing or new production lines, the VIAjet V-Series DOD inkjet printer with MPERIA controller is a complete solution that can function in a stand-alone or networked environment. The modular nature of the system makes it easy to grow from one V-Series on a line to multiple V-Series printers on additional lines, all driven by a single controller.

Centralised Control and Usability

MPERIA gives the company the capability to control marking and coding operations at any point on the production line from one central location. The single “one-touch” user interface controls all equipment—printers, barcode readers, vision systems, scales, and actuators—without the need for third-party software. MPERIA’s built-in message automation combined with the easy-to-use
control interface provides labour savings over the previous CIJ solution by reducing equipment touches and the training requirement for line operators and maintenance personnel.

Clear, Crisp Marks

The VIAjet V-Series DOD valve jet printheads produce incredible print quality on both porous and non-porous substrates including cardboard, wood, metal, rubber, and more. And they are able to achieve this high level of quality while also offering one of the fastest printing speeds in the industry at up to 780 feet per minute. The system is compatible with a wide variety of pigmented, dye-based, and fluorescent inks—including fast-dry versions—ensuring customers always have the exact ink needed for their mark.

The Results

“The VIAjet V-Series DOD inkjet printer has improved our efficiency by 50%.  In addition, the system is extremely robust and reliable, requires only minimal maintenance, and is much easier to operate. We finally feel confident that we can consistently deliver our customers’ orders on time,” explained their Plant Manager. In addition to these critical benefits, the company also reduced their
consumable costs thanks to the V-Series more efficient ink usage and lower-cost inks. They expect a full return on their investment within one year. By implementing the VIAjet V-Series DOD inkjet printer with MPERIA, the company has successfully ensured the end-to-end efficacy of their operation and eliminated issues that were negatively affecting customer relations and brand reputation.


About the MPERIA® VIAjet V-Series Printing System

The MPERIA® VIAjet V-Series printing system represents the latest and most robust industrial ink-jet marking technology available, ensuring dependable long-term performance and reliability in the most demanding operating environments.  The system provides exceptional versatility and print quality for the application of variable product information and traceability codes, as well as barcodes, logos and graphics onto both porous and non-porous materials.

Typical applications include the coding & marking of Construction Products, Chemicals & Fertiliser, Industrial Packaging, Automotive Products, Foams, Plastics & Films, Paper & Pulp. The capability to operate in these sectors means that more basic applications are also suited to the V-series printer.

Click here for more on the VIAjet V-Series System

Click here to watch a video on MPERIA® and the benefits it could bring to your business.

For further information about MPERIA® and our range of printing technologies, please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email