Hot stuff! Coding & Marking Metal in Extreme High Temperatures.

Xact’s MPERIA® V-Series Printing System Provides Unrivalled Performance and Reliability….. Whatever the Conditions!

An international company manufacturing prime grade zinc alloys required in-line product coding and identification systems for hot metal ingots.  

Based on our experience within challenging production environments, our task was to provide a solution capable of withstanding extreme heat, moisture and vibration, as well as offering the facility to apply both human readable codes and multi-colour marking for the grade identification process.  Meeting all requirements (and more) we installed our MPERIA®  V-Series system managing multiple print heads across 3 separate areas of the production line. The V-Series technology is proven in extreme operating environments, so was the perfect solution for all marking processes at the plant.

Key to the decision-making process and placing their business with Xact was the unrivalled flexibility and mark quality the V-Series system provided the business despite the harsh operating environment.

Other advantages included;

  • The facility to manage all marking processes across multiple production lines from one user interface provides seamless control, helps to eliminate operator error, as well as reducing hardware at the line and associated investment costs
  • The future-proof modular design of the system provides the flexibility to add print heads, as well as managing in-line labelling systems, to fall in in line with future expansion at the plant
  • A wide range of ink types and colours, with the flexibility to add/change inks should the customers’ or their end-users requirements change in the future
  • Unrivalled throw distance (head to product) ensures the marking process and legibility of the codes and colour marking processes are unaffected by variances in the presentation of the ingots during the manufacturing process.
  • Our long-term expertise in the industrial sector gave added confidence in moving forward with Xact as it was essential the proposed solution could withstand the harsh operating environment of the manufacturing process, where amongst other conditions the heads are subjected to extreme temperatures and steam.

About the MPERIA® VIAjet V-Series Printing System

The MPERIA® VIAjet V-Series printing system represents the latest and most robust industrial ink-jet marking technology available, ensuring dependable long-term performance and reliability in the most demanding operating environments.  The system provides exceptional versatility and print quality for the application of variable product information and traceability codes, as well as barcodes, logos and graphics onto both porous and non-porous materials.

Typical applications include the coding & marking of Construction Products, Chemicals & Fertiliser, Industrial Packaging, Automotive Products, Foams, Plastics & Films, Paper & Pulp. The capability to operate in these sectors means that more basic applications are also suited to the V-series printer.

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For further information about MPERIA® and our range of printing technologies, please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

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MPERIA® V-Series – Delivering Unrivalled Performance in the Harshest Operating Environments

A leading UK supplier of bulk and bagged cement needed a robust printing system for the application of batch and date codes to bags of cement.  We provided our robust MPERIA® V-Series printing system which included the 16v 8000+ MIDI print head.

Additional Info

Our years of expertise within the industrial sector was key to the decision-making process and therefore placing their business with Xact, in-particular our knowledge and proven success coding & marking in the harshest operating environments of the construction industry.

Other factors influencing the decision-making process were;

  • The capability to apply a large print format at high production speeds to ensure clear visibility of the codes when the bags are palletised and stored in the warehouse.
  • References received from within the industry highlighted the proven long-term performance of our systems within the toughest operating environments where they are subjected to dust, vibration and variable operating temperatures
  • Our competitors were offering CIJ (continuous ink jet) printing technology. This was also an option available within the range from Xact. However, we proposed our latest V-Series printing system which, in comparison to CIJ technology, not only increased the legibility of the codes but also significantly reduced initial investment and operating costs moving forward, not to mention increased reliability in the harsh operating environment.
  • The V -Series offers superior throw-distance to other systems, ensuring a quality code is applied despite inconsistent presentation of the bag.

About the MPERIA®  V-Series Printing System

The MPERIA®  V-Series marking system is our robust and reliable large character drop-on-demand (DOD) valve technology specifically designed for challenging industrial environments.  The V-Series marks on porous and non-porous substrates including metal, paper and pulp, wood, concrete and plastic. Powered by MPERIA®, the Matthews VIAjet™ DOD valve print heads are considered the fastest in the industry, marking products at speeds in excess of 400 meters/min, with the longest life expectancy of any comparable technology.

Click here to watch a video on MPERIA® and the benefits it could bring to your business.

For further information about MPERIA® and our range of printing technologies, please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email