UKCA Marking: Prepare For The New Marking Requirement With Xact!

Are you required to mark your goods with the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) logo? The team at XACT will be happy to show you how to integrate the new mark into your production process.

The UKCA marking requirement for the UK will soon come into effect for a wide range of manufacturing companies trading in the UK. Prepare your production line for the new requirement during the transition period which ends on December 31, 2022.

Reliable UKCA marking with Xact!

Inkjet printing solutions from Xact are ideal for applying the UKCA mark to your goods for their reliability and crisp printing capabilities. If you already have an inkjet printing system in your production facility, we will be happy to work with you to evaluate the options for integrating the new marking requirement into it.

During a free on-site visit to your production facility, we will check to see how well the print image of your marking system can be adapted to comply with the new regulations. If the printable area of your marking system is already exhausted, an expansion of the printable area is conceivable: for example, by adding another print head or by replacing a printer with a print head with an extended print height.

UKCA marking is only mandatory for goods intended for distribution and trade in the United Kingdom including England, Wales, and Scotland with additional marking required for Northern Ireland. In other countries of the European Union, the CE mark must still be applied.

Flexibility is what counts

Marking with our MPERIA® printing systems is ideal precisely because it’s possible to change the print image at any time, even during the ongoing production process. This flexibility is crucial for a smooth and efficient production and keeps your ink consumption low. With the MPERIA controller, you have the flexibility to meet exactly these different marking requirements: First mark the quantity of goods required for the UK market with the UKCA print image and then switch to marking with the CE logo during the ongoing production process. Of course, you could also apply the CE mark together with the UKCA logo to your goods. In this case, however, the space and ink requirements are a decisive criterion.

Questions about the implementation of the UKCA marking in your industry? We’ll be happy to prepare you for the new regulation

Xact is a full-service provider of marking technologies from World Leading manufacturer Matthews Marking Systems. Our experts will be happy to provide you with free, no-obligation advice on your marking requirements, including on-site at your production facility.

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