Fast, Efficient, Economical Flow Wrapping Solutions

Xact Prepack is the exclusive UK partner for the Belca Group, a leading Spanish manufacturer of packaging machinery with an international reputation for developing high quality equipment to meet the requirements of the food industry, especially in the fresh produce, bakery, meat, fish and prepared foods sectors.

Belca flow wrappers are used throughout the food industry, providing high quality presentation as well as cost-effective and hygienic packaging for both foods, non-foods and beverages.  Belca machines are a benchmark within the industry for reliability, versatility and ease of use, ensuring smooth production flows with downtime minimised and production efficiencies maximised.

Advanced technology allows Belca flow wrappers to be easily adjusted to the varying length of product with different systems available to wrap products of differing size, weight or fragility.

Horizontal Flow Wrapper – Automatic Tray Wrapper (BF 100 H)

The BF 100 H is a high-end, horizontal flowpack or pillow type wrapper designed to automatically wrap products using a heat sealing method.  Mounted on  a multi-axis electronic control that synchronises the cross section, the BF 100 H has rollers and an infeed, which offer flexibility when you are changing products.  Used for wrapping products individually or in batches within the specified dimensions (see technical specification)

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Horizontal Flow Wrapper – Vacuum Sealing System (SP 600 Inox)

The SP-600 INOX is a horizontal flow-pack wrapper, built to wrap any kind of food stuff and create a vacuum pack and / or tight seal.

The machine is used to wrap solid products individually, that are within the dimensions detailed in the specification section.  This machine can work both in vacuum (with a posterior in-line vacuum system) and shrink wrapping with proper complex film and a shrink tunnel.

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Horizontal Flow Wrapper – Mini Machine Perfect For Restricted Space (BF 50 H)

The BF 50 H is a compact horizontal flow-pack or pillow type wrapping machine, built to automatically wrap literally any type of product with heat sealing and cold sealing materials.  It is designed to occupy the minimum possible space on the production line, without invading any space of larger units or machines.  Suitable fro wrapping solid products individually within certain dimensions.

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Horizontal Flow Wrapper – Loose Random Length Products (SP 100 HCD)

A synchronous flow wrapping machine specially designed for wrapping sausage products with or without cord. Works with polypropylene BOPP or complex films.

Has an adjustable motorised system for always transporting the cord outside of the bag. A wide range of applications are suitable for this machine because the input design has no pushers to limit the length of the product and because the amplitude of the cross sealing area.

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Horizontal Flow Wrapper – Fully Automated High Speed System With Sychronised Infeed (BF 200 H SINCRO)

The BF 200 H SINCRO PLUS is a high end horizontal flow-pack or pillow wrapper, built to wrap up trays or similar automatically. Placing the machine in line with the filling processes, products are fed automatically without the need for operators.

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Horizontal Flow Wrapper – Fully Automated High Speed For Products On A Tray (BFI 200 COMPACT)

The BFI 200 COMPACT is a horizontal flow wrapper, forming bags from reels of film, then filling and sealing the bags in a single continuous operation.

It seals the longitudinal seam at the top of the product allowing for the packing of loose products without a tray.  Used for loose vegetables (including cucumbers, courgettes and aubergines as well as snack bars, biscuits and other confectionery).

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