Giro control fresh produce packhouse equipment through central hub

Operating through a standard PC and connected through the network or through the Internet, Packhouse Managers can now monitor and analyse real time or saved data, e.g. number of bags, efficiency, stoppages and breakdowns – categorised by machine, line and date – for a tighter and more efficient control system.

The GirControl Plus collates data all in one central location, instead of at each individual machine, with a 2 way exchange of data. This hub is an office-based PC which can quickly and easily review the settings and current status of every machine connected to it through the network.

Furthermore, minor engineering faults can be solved remotely. Anyone can log onto the system from any computer connected to the Internet, provided they have been given access codes. This in turn means call-outs can be reduced as engineers will be able to identify errors, advise on corrective measures and even modify some settings without travelling to site. Despite this easy access, information travelling through the network is securely protected.