Xact Attend Fruit Logistica 2015

Xact partners Giro always have a huge presence at the event and the stand was busy throughout the 3 day duration with visitors interested in the new product launches including the ‘Clip2Clip’ pack and the ‘Line Pack’ snack pack.

At the event we met up with several customers who were really interested in wrapping ‘naked produce’ using the RGD VR8 Flow Wrapper.  This machine is designed to packages apples, tomatoes and peppers without a tray (see video) thereby saving on consumable costs. 

 Click here to see the RGD VR8 video 

A popular product designed specifically for the Fresh Produce market was Reisopacks’ 2900 Automatic Pallet Strapping machine.  With its ability to put carton corner protectors on each pallet and it’s ten different programs and strapping heights for each, the 2900 machine is versatile , user- friendly and easy to program and can be integrated to fully automated lines.  To see the 2900 is action please click here. 


New! Grab Snack Pack

The ‘Line-Pack’ uses the Clip2Clip labelling system, which can adapt to the most creative shape and size of label design.  The ‘Clip2Clip’ allows both vertical and horizontal orientation of the package and can be produced on the existing CA-9 machines with a small addition.

The ready to merchandise shipping box has endless possibilities for the supply chain.  It can go straight from the pack house to retail venues and fill a gap in the market.  We see great possibilities for this pack to be marketed as a snack pack for school canteens or tuck shops, newsagents, petrol forecourts and even airports.





Line-Pack at the Point of Sale

Line-Pack is the ideal impulse sales package. An attractive and small package for immediate consumption or to take to work or school forming part of a healthy breakfast on the go. A shipping-display box that can hold about 36 Twin-Pack units (2 pieces each) or 24 Line-Pack units with 3 pieces each is a functional and smart way to show at the POS.  The box, which is fully customisable your marketing messages and the brand of the producer or retailer, is easily converted into a brilliant inclined display ready to stand out to the consumer.


Easy open Line-Pack

The Line-Pack is an exciting new and innovative way to sell fruit. The pack can be marketed as a ‘snack on the go’ product and therefore Giró has developed and patented a new easy open woven mesh. An extremely light and ecological net (less than 1 gr of plastic packaging!) with a weaker area on the pack depicted in another colour where the consumer (even a child) can easily open the package ideal for school lunch boxes! With the Easy-Open net  you simply do not need to cut open the package.

The recommended label size ranges between 160 mm (2 pieces) and 210 mm (3 pieces), with widths of 50 to 60 mm.


CA-9L: The Bagging Machine

The Line-Pack can be made with the CA-9L bagging machine equipped with a Clip2Clip labelling device. CA-9L is an adapted version of the existing CA-9S clipping machine with smaller diameter tubes that enable the fruit to be aligned.   Initially the ‘C’ version, ideal for citrus or rounded fruits will be launched.  Following this, the ‘F’ version for all types of products, for example, for packaging onions in Line-Pack will be launched.  Under research and development trials the machine is capeable of producing up to 40 packs a minute.

Click link for CA9-S Machine

Instant Traceability

We can record the traceability code (unique to each reel) in the GirControl Plus database.  At the same time, during the development of the packaging batch, each bag can be labelled by incorporating a traceability code generated by the labelling machine (identifying the machine, date and time of bagging).  Using the ERP-SAP computer system, all consumables are recorded.  Thereby making the nets, labels, operators and  industrial machinery used in each production line traceable. 

The package is delivered to the consumer with a tracking code that allows the packer to trace the packaging machine and when it was made. With that information we can trace all the consumables traceability codes used specifically in that bag. This information allows Giró to find all the information related to production: raw materials batch used, production dates, industrial machinery and operators involved in that shift.

Clip2Clip – A New Style For Clipped Net Bags

The Clip2Clip is scaleable therefore giving more variations on the finished pack.  You can have a small pack, small label, or big pack big label.  Besides the visual impact, one of the main attractions of Clip2Clip bag, is that the label is made of 100% Polyethylene and, with the exception of the clip, all the bag is made with the same raw material (HDPE), for better recyclability.

In line with Giro policy of  flexible options, the simple additional equipment can be added to the CA-10 and CA-9S to allow packers to have the new style with minimal investment. Both the CA-10 (the only net clipping bagger in the world that feeds net reels) and CA-9s can be equipped with the new Clip2Clip labeller.

Two Machine Options For Manufacturers


The Clip2Clip label can be printed with thermal-transfer technology, allowing the packer to incorporate variable information, such as barcodes, variety and origin of the fruit, traceability data, price, weight, etc.

Giró offers two alternatives to make the Clip2Clip package. Both the CA10 and CA-9S clipping machines can be equipped with Clip2Clip labelling device meaning that any of these models can be updated without requiring new investments in packaging machinery.

The CA-10 is the only net clipping bagger in the world that feeds net reels, offering high productive efficiency, fewer stops due to change of consumable and significant savings in operating costs. The CA-9 is the standard clipping machine with automatic tube change.

GirControl Plus For Mobile Devices

To remotely access the GirControl Plus installed on a packaging plant, the user must be authorised and have the free app downloaded allowing them to be securely identified using his/her email account associated with a phone number and a password . Every time GirControl Plus access is requested by a tablet or any mobile device, the registered user will receive a message on his smartphone to authorise access by a PIN code.

Thanks to this new remote and portable way to access the GirControl Plus, the Production Plant Manager can view the status of the plant, its efficiency, production
ratios or breakdown list. The result – all the GirControl Plus benefits in the palm of your hand, anywhere in the world.

Never before has it been so convenient and practical to monitor and control a packaging plant.


Avoid Costly Mistakes!

Xact, together with World leaders Giro introduce a new system to the UK fresh produce market which will stop the packaging machine from operating until the correct consumables and information are loaded.

With the SCS (Smart Consumables System), GIRO once again revolutionises the world of net packaging providing machines and consumables with some ‘intelligence’.  The SCS is a complete system of machinery, software and consumables that bridges the gap of information between the fresh fruit and vegetable packing companies and the final packaged product.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology allows a reading of the information contained on all Giro consumables and matches the packaging product with information held on a central database.

In this way the packaging machine automatically recognises consumables (net, film or label) that will feed the machine. Once the check is done, the machine can accept or can display messages on the screen warning the operator to check the consumables and correct the mistake.

Xact Director, Barry Baldock explains “Using the RFID technology, packing companies can control stock levels, avoid costly mistakes, control quality of the labels (style, colour label information) and they can have complete traceability of the fresh fruit or vegetables that are packaged and distributed to the market.  Closing the information loop between the packaging consumables and machinery information, the RFID application allows a considerable advance in the packaging for the fresh produce industry”.


Customer notice: Xact Christmas Closing & Opening Times

Please be aware that our Sales Managers are on holiday and we cannot guarantee that calls will be answered immediately, so please leave a voicemail message with your name, contact number, and product details needed.  You will receive a response as soon as the person you have contacted is available.

Xact Sales Managers: Chris Jolly (07710 962 290): Alastair Chambers (07500 843 318): Craig Gatland (07990 551 266): Paul Bennion (07989 578 821):

For any engineering issues please contact your local engineer via his mobile phone. The engineers are on holiday, so we cannot guarantee they will be able to respond immediately, but if you leave your name, contact details and they will respond as soon as they are available.

Xact Engineers: Richard Reeve: Lee Scott: Gerald Pearce:

Any stock items will be available from the warehouse, please contact your local area Salesman to arrange collection.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Xact’s Director, Barry Baldock said,  “We chose to launch our latest integrated coding solution ‘Mperia’ at the PPMA Show as it is the UK’s leading processing and packaging exhibition.  We have been blown away by the interest in our products and we came away from the show with some great quality leads. 

The show provided us with the opportunity to showcase our latest coding technology from Matthews Marking Systems whilst at the same time allowing us to network with new and existing customers from a wide range of industries. Xact’s checkweighing systems and labelling solutions always attract interest from our visitors.  For us, the PPMA Show is our  opportunity to meet existing customers and almost without fail new business gained should cover the cost of exhibiting and so we would intend to continue to exhibit at the PPMA show in future years”.





Come and Join Us at the PPMA Show 2014

Register Now! 30 September - 2 October 2014

Xact would like to personally invite you to visit us on Stand C61 at this year’s PPMA Show. Held on 30 September – 2 October 2014, The PPMA Show is the UK’s premier, free to attend complete production line event for processing and packaging machinery.

Show features include:

  • Over 320 Exhibitors
  • Over 1200 equipment manufacturers represented from around the world
  • Show opening by Michael Portillo
  • Seminars by Coca-Cola, Marks & Spencer, Wyke Farms, Tesco & more!
  • Latest innovations in action


PPMA Show 2014

30 SEP – 2 OCT 2014, NEC, Birmingham

“The complete production line event”

• Food • Drink • Pharma • Cosmetics / Toiletries • Dairy • Confectionery • Snacks
• Chemicals • Household Goods • Electronics • Building / Construction



The launch comes at a time when Xact has been experiencing a high rate of growth, expanding its range to allow for more automated machinery that offers a complete packaging solution.  
Xact will be demonstrating several of the high performance marking and coding systems from US partners Matthews Marking Systems, including the Viajet L-Series, T-Series and V-Series which represent the latest thermal inkjet and high resolution printing technologies available.  
The focus on our Integrated Solutions is: Identification; Branding; Traceability; Serialisation and Quality Control.
There will be 5 demonstrations in total, so come along to booth C61 for a chat.  On hand will be Xact’s Directors, Technical Sales Managers and Engineers who have many years’ experience in the field and will be demonstrating the machinery and advising visitors.