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Successful, high visibility, large promotional area, registered or unregistered designs.

The Girsac is proven in the UK market to sell citrus fruit.  It is an established packaging system with a medium communication surface and uses both registered and unregistered film.  You have the option to use the ‘easy open’ facility which allows consumers to tear the product open from the top. Materials used can be gloss, matt, transparent or have a metallic finish.


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  • Attractive package for advertising and displaying content
  • Easy to create and successful since the 80’s
  • Suitable weight range – 500g – 4kg
  • Handle or holes for gripping and transportation
  • High Resistance
  • Great communication surface
  • Ideal for many types of fruit and vegetables
  • Recommended films width from 75mm to 120mm
  • Manufactured with tubular net
  • Possibility to use registered film with SpotLess
  • Achievable with GirBagger UB-65, UB-60, GB-55 and GB-50
  • Possibility to print labels with thermal tranfer or use adhesives labels

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