GirBagger Speed Line

The very latest in GirBagger technology – 10 different bag styles with an output of  up to 36 bags per minute 

The new GirBagger-S is an automatic bagging system for thermal welded net bags.  It is an improved version of the Girbagger range which has been developed after 15 years of experience with over 3.000 units sold worldwide setting a benchmark in the horticultural sector.

The GirBagger-S is an affordable first investment with additional inexpensive upgrades in order to widen bag style range making it a key element in many packing lines.

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Bagging System GirBagger

Best selling automatic net welding machine – robust, reliable and adaptable, able to make up to 10 different bag formats

The world leading GirBagger machine is a key element in pack houses across the globe.  One huge advantage is the continuous productivity provided due to the net feeding system which provides 2 1/2 hours continuous production with no net changes.

The GirBagger is a great investment and users can opt to upgrade to other versions of the machine by adding update kits according to your market needs.

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Ultrasonic Net Sealing Machine 6000

Ultrasonic Net Sealing & Automatic Bagging Machine

Advanced sealing technology meaning no metal clip!  The GVK 6000 is a fully automatic bagging machine suitable for packaging chocolate coins, chocolate eggs or other candy items  Also suitable for cheese snacks or other similar, small items into extruded netting material.
Equipped with an automatic tube change system to ensure net reload without interruption of the production. Controlled net draw-off system for a uniform bag length. Pneumatically controlled knife to separate the filled, sealed bags. Easy to maintain by extricable sealing unit. Digital ultrasonic generator with automatic adjustment unit.
As an option, a label feed or printer system for PE-labels is available..

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Automatic Punnet Netting Machine

Rev Spider – The ‘Spider’ is a high performance netting machine for punnets.  The net is closed with a metal clip.  Suitable for all fresh produce packed in punnet, this machine is fast, efficient and extremely versatile.

Equipped with a high-capacity net tube ensuring great product autonomy.  Suitable for product including peaches, nectarines, kiwi, apricots, plums, tomatoes, avocado, citrus, cherries, pears, grapes, courgettes, carrots, peppers and so on (all products that can be contained in a punnet).

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Automatic Tray Filler

Rev America –  The America is a high-productivity automatic machine for filling 60×40-cm trays, either in cardboard or plastic (IFCO, CPR, STECO and similar), provided that their upper part is completely open.

America is can pack from 4 to 12 punnets in each crate, on one or two levels, this is easy to programme using the integrated touch-screen display.  The punnets can be normal ones in plastic crates (clamshell, topseal and in flowpack) or in cardboard crates.  This innovative machine is ideal for strawberries, peaches, nectarines, kiwis, apricots, plums, tomatoes, avocados, cherries, pears, grapes, etc. (all products usually contained in punnets).

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Horizontal Net Packing Machine

Rev Vega – The ‘Vega’ is an extremely versatile automatic machine suitable for a wide range of products (all vegetables, citrus and fruit).

It can pack loose products up to 2kg plus products in punnets, trays and small cartons in net.  The ‘Vega’ can also apply a wineglass label and a strip functioning as a handle.  It works with both extruded or knitted net.

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Netting Machine With Welding

Rev Puma – The ‘Puma’ is a vertical netting machine which can pack in a range of styles without a metal clip (suitable for all vegetables, citrus and fruit).

Puma is a vertical netting machine able to pack a variety of products in a “balloon” or “in-line” style without metal clip (depending on its configuration), . The packaging is made of net (extruded or knitted), welded with a label. The label can be: weld-to-weld (with handle function) that is welded on both sides; or a wineglass label. Puma can work with customisable shaped labels (pre-registered printing). It comes with a thermal transfer Markem printer, so it can print directly on the labels, both on the inside or on the outside.  The two net tubes change automatically meaning it guarantees continuity of production.
Puma is equipped excellent components and the machine can be programmed through the on-board, easy to use touch-screen control panel.  Packaging materials can be supplied in both PE or compostable.

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Plastic-Free! Cardboard Tray Closing Machine

Rev Elephant – The ‘Elephant’ is a high speed, high productivity machine for closing cardboard trays with wings

Perfect for a plastic-free packaging solution, the NEW Rev Elephant is the fastest machine on the market, suitable for high productivity packaging lines both automated or manual loading.  It changes format in less than 2 minutes whether it be the width or height of the tray, this is simple on the touch-screen panel.  The cardboard container can be die-cut and printed as desired.  Suitable for most fresh produce including apples, pears, kiwis, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, avocados, tomatoes, cherries, strawberries (any product usually contained in trays)


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Automatic Taping Machine

Rev Condor – The Condor is an automatic taping machine, perfect for taping bunches of loose produce and reducing plastic packaging. 

It can also be used for taping elongated produce such as leek, celery and pineapples plus round products like melons and coconuts, small watermelons, pineapples, and and vegetables in bundle etc.

The machine is designed to automatically place an adhesive tape around the loose product with the tape designed according to your specific branding, product details and barcode.  Can tape 40-45 products per minute.  Tape is from 19mm to 38mm and the material can be PP, compostable or paper.


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Crate Wrapping Machine

Rev Hollywood – Capable of automatically covering crates of various dimensions with either film or net. 

The ‘Hollywood’ machine is a high performance machine with a solid and compact structure.  Able to work with crates of any size and can be used both in automated or manual loading production lines.  Suitable for any fresh produce in crates such as: apples, pears, oranges, tangerines, citrus in general, kiwi, peaches, nectarines, grapes etc.

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In Line Pack

Rev Tiger – The ‘Tiger’ is the only machine that can make In Line packs without a metal clip, making it both economical and ecological  

The Tiger machine is an automatic vertical netting machine for loose products which creates in line packages sealed by a ‘thermo welding system’  The pack has a strong visual impact which allows high visibility of the contents inside.  The large colour touch-screen control panel makes it easy to use even by unskilled personnel.  The packaging materials used for the Tiger machine is extruded tubolar net + PE film width 40 mm. This makes the finished product one of the cheapest on the market.  Suitable for: garlic, onions, limes, lemons, citrus fruits in general, chestnuts, etc.

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Net Clipping System CA-10

The ‘CA10’ is the World’s first automatic clipping machine using netting reel – it (almost) never stops This means there is a 68% saving of operating time to refill consumables and has a long net autonomy: more than 7,000 bags!  Producing up to 40 bags per minute, the CA-10 is fully compatible with GirControl Plus to exchange productivity data and breakdown ratios in a remote way.  The CA-10 has a touch screen panel and easy to use interface through intuitive icons.  Optional GirPrint labelling machine to print and supply Wineglass labels.

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Net Clipping System CA-9S

The CA-9S is a flexible high speed net clipping machine Designed for producing Wineglass labelled packs for packing fruit and vegetables.  The flexibility of this machine means it can produce Clip2Clip labels with an optional labeller.  The design of the machine is an evolution of the original, reliable CA9 machine but with updated electronics and featuring touch screen controls.  Using twin cassettes of wire to produce clips, the CA9-S will close the pack and feed the twin tubes for efficient production.

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Thermo Sealed Punnet Machine

Rev Lion -The patented ‘Lion’ machine is the only automatic punnet machine able to pack NGP punnets. 

With a large colour touch-screen control panel, the Lion is extremely easy to use and can be operated by unskilled personnel.  Available in three configurations with the ability to make different types of packs depending on the required outcome.  Suitable for all fresh produce including: peaches, nectarines, kiwi, apricots, plums, tomatoes, avocado, citrus, cherries, pears, grapes, courgettes, carrots, peppers, (basically all products you might find in a punnet).

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Tray Filler GBF-100

A crucial element in the automated packing process – able to fill 100 bags per minute

The GBF 100 is a high speed automatic tray filling machine for handling net bags ranging from 500 g to 3 kg. it is designed to be set up at the end of any packing line prior to palletising, therefore saving labour costs.

Optional extras: Rejection system with load cell – A load cell detects boxes that do not meet the target weight range. Parallel or perpendicular side rollers slide the rejected boxes out of line.  Box feeder 6 or 9 unit pile – Automatic box infeed system for the GBF 100 box filler (6 or 9 unit box pile).

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Automatic Case Packer – Box It

High Speed Automatic Case Packer which will optimise productivity

With the ability to fill 100 bags per minute, the Box-It filler is one of the best end of line solutions for a fully automated operation.

This case packer is an excellent option for customers looking to optimise productivity by automating the end-of-line.  Box-It has the capacity to pack between 80 and 100 bags per minute depending of size and weight.  Among its main features, The Box-It case packer offers:

  • Easy Handling with the ability to create new configurations
  • Weight checker with two buffer boxes for consecutive cases with weights outside the target
  • The ability to work with 600 x 400 mm and 400 x 300mm boxes

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Customer Testimonials

Our IRTA Bagger has been a great addition to our company. Its reliability and production capabilities have opened many new doors for us. Their customer support and response time are nothing short of spectacular. If we are in need of a new Doy Style Pouch Bagger we will definitely add another IRTA to our fleet.”

C.O.O, Mascot Inc

Customer Testimonials

The bagging machine from IRTA was delivered to us in June 2022 – is working nicely, without any problems or issues. As promised, the bagging machine packs and seals bags at high speed which we find very sufficient and as requested. It's easy for operators to use and we haven’t faced any obstacles when packing the bags. We recommend this machine.

Key Account Manager, POEX

Customer Testimonials

Our FT14 manual netting machine enables us to do what the big supermarkets
do! The end product has a practical and professional look and feel to it and the machine is so easy to use.”

Edward Garthwaite, Managing Director, Blackerhall Farm

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