Compostable Tubular Net

A New Solution for 100% Compostable Bags. 

The ongoing research and development means Giro are constantly looking for new ways of innovating products.  We continue to look for sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the ever changing market.

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Bale Net For Agriculture


Round Agricultural Bale Net – STRONG.  RELIABLE.  DEPENDABLE.

EFFI-BALE™ for Professionals

Only the EFFI-BALE™ net provides the best protection for the harvest. Our brand is guarantee of the most effective method of transport and storing of bales. Thanks to this tested solution Grower enjoys trouble-free baling and saves his time.

Ideal solution for modern agriculture
We know what a Grower needs – a reliable and strong net, that is why we have created the highest quality solution to bale harvest, which was feasible owing to the use of the cutting-edge technology. In the production process we use ingredients which guarantee maximum resistance and UV protection.

Easy bailing with EFFI-BALE™
EFFI-BALE™ is perfect to bale each type of harvest and for all types of hay balers. Therefore, we produce nets which will ensure maximum efficiency and protection in all weathers, so that your Customer is satisfied.


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Tubular Light Net

A Lighter Solution for our Packages

As part of ongoing research and development Giro have developed this lighter net which is made of a lighter material and has 20% less material with an equivalent resistance for greater sustainability.

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Compostable Labels

New! 100% Compostable Labels

We’ve reinvented the clipped packaging with these new 100% compostable labels!

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Tubular Knitted Net

Giro Not Only Invented Knitted Tubular Net but are its Biggest Manufacturer in the World!

In partnership with our Partners Giro, we provide the highest quality knitted tubular net.  We have an extensive range of colours, widths and types of tissue to improve the appearance of the product, making it even more attractive to the consumer.

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Band For Net Packaging Girfilm

The Best Films For Packaging Net Bags

The Girfilm is unique, has unparalleled print quality, resistant and works well welded.

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Labels For Net Packaging

The Giro Label Perfectly Compliments Net Packaging

We have labels in all shapes and sizes with unparalleled print quality and versatility of shapes.

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Customer Testimonials

Our IRTA Bagger has been a great addition to our company. Its reliability and production capabilities have opened many new doors for us. Their customer support and response time are nothing short of spectacular. If we are in need of a new Doy Style Pouch Bagger we will definitely add another IRTA to our fleet.”

C.O.O, Mascot Inc

Customer Testimonials

The bagging machine from IRTA was delivered to us in June 2022 – is working nicely, without any problems or issues. As promised, the bagging machine packs and seals bags at high speed which we find very sufficient and as requested. It's easy for operators to use and we haven’t faced any obstacles when packing the bags. We recommend this machine.

Key Account Manager, POEX

Customer Testimonials

Our FT14 manual netting machine enables us to do what the big supermarkets
do! The end product has a practical and professional look and feel to it and the machine is so easy to use.”

Edward Garthwaite, Managing Director, Blackerhall Farm

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