Leading Snack Manufacturer Saves Time and Money with New Coding & Marking Technology From Xact

The solution proposed was our universal print platform, MPERIA™, combined with its high-resolution piezoelectric print heads, the Viajet T-Series. To meet the company’s needs, they required one MPERIA™ controller to manage all six production lines, and a 4” print head with a custom conveyor mount for each production line.

The results were impressive.  With Matthews’ MPERIA™, the snack manufacturer manages all production lines from a centralised controller, and can troubleshoot remotely with its Virtual Network Computing feature. This has greatly reduced downtime due to re-work and discard issues (saving them approximately £650 per month) and they no longer having to wait for technical support. In addition, the T-Series print heads allow for a 4” print area* and has a recirculating ink system that reduced ink waste and maintenance time. They estimate a £850 cost saving per month.



*4” per single print head. Stitch multiple print heads together for a larger print area.

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