Pharmaceutical serialisation: a must?

Manufacturers need the ability to quickly and positively identify and isolate all suspect products in the supply chain. Without legible barcodes and human readable production dates and lot numbers, product recalls are difficult to manage.

By 2017, the entire pharmaceutical industry in Europe must comply with the "falsified medicines" directive 2011/62/EU.  In short all companies operating in the pharmaceutical industry of all European states need to introduce a serialisation system with a control at the point of dispensation.

Xact can help maintain compliance and traceability with its variety of marking and coding applications powered by Mperia.

“MPERIA™ seamlessly integrates product marking with plant operations and customer databases,” says Barry Baldock, Xact’s Director. “The result is that customers can automate coding, reduce marking errors, and provide valuable traceability information for their products.”


About Xact

Xact offer the industry’s widest variety of serialisation coding and printing technologies and integrated solutions.  Xact’s range of flexible systems allows for a tailor-made complete solution which can integrate into existing lines and grow with the business.

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