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A global stationery manufacturer streamlined their operation with MPERIA’s™ world renowned L-Series marking system.  Following on from our installation of a customised print & apply labelling machine to meet the primary packaging requirements, Xact provided the customer with a turnkey end-of-line solution for their secondary packaging comprising of printing, scanning, conveying and case sealing systems for their inner and outer cases.

Xact proposed the latest MPERIA™ L-Series TIJ high resolution inkjet printer which, in comparison to CIJ technology not only provides a higher print quality but also significantly reduces initial investment costs as well as operating costs moving forward.

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Our MPERIA™ L Series printing system offered unrivalled flexibility in comparison to other printers reviewed during the tender process. As well as meeting the general requirements of the application (high-resolution printing of variable product information, logos & barcodes), other features & benefits key to the customer moving forward with Xact included;

  • The power and flexibility to manage both the inner and outer case coding processes at separate areas of the production line using one controller, not only enhanced the operation but also reduced the amount of hardware at the line and initial investment costs.
  • Effortless integration with the customers’ existing product database simplifies the control and management of print files away from the production line.
  • Scanner compatibility at the line provides simultaneous selection of print files for the inner and outer case coding systems, eliminating operator error.
  • Another key factor in the decision-making process was the scalable design and ease in which our MPERIA™ printing system can be expanded as their business grows, as the customer plans to implement a new packing line next year. MPERIA™ provides them with a future-proof system, ensuring their investment is secure.

About the MPERIA™ L Series Printing System

The system provides exceptional print resolution and versatility along with unparalleled levels of readability.  Ideal for printing on porous and non-porous materials, the L-Series printheads perform in a range of challenging packaging and industrial environments, such as the coding of outer cases, cartons and uncoated media, bags, timber, plastics, films and construction products.

Watch our showreel of L-Series applications.

Click here to watch a video on MPERIA™ and the benefits it could bring to your business.

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