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A leading manufacturer supplying a range of products to the building industry contacted Xact needing a coding solution for its fibre cement roof slates.  The company, with its own fibre cement processing and metal forming operation, required large high-quality print formats (to aid visibility of the codes when the slates are cured).  The harsh operating environments and the requirement to print from underneath the product added to the complexity of the printing needs.

Xact proposed the MPERIA™ V-Series system operating four print heads.  The multi-lane printing solution is capable of applying product specification and traceability codes to the underside of the roof slates.

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Key to choosing Xact was the flexibility our MPERIA™ system offered the business, such as the ability to operate multiple print heads from a single controller and ink delivery system.

Other factors influencing their decision-making process were;

  • Our competitors were offering CIJ (continuous ink jet) printing technology. This was also an option available within our own range but not recommended for this application or environment. Instead, we proposed our MPERIA™ V-series printing system which, in comparison to CIJ technology, not only increased the legibility of the codes but also significantly reduced initial investment and operating costs moving forward.
  • The customer stipulated it was essential the proposed system could provide large high-quality print formats (to aid visibility of the codes when the slates are cured) as well as meeting the tough operating environments of the plant (dust, vibration and variable operating temperatures). Our V-series heads offer both small and large character print formats and are proven to be the most industrial printing technology on the market. Therefore, the tough operating conditions and the requirement to print from underneath the line were no issue to long-term performance or reliability
  • Our years of expertise within the industrial sector, in-particular our knowledge of coding & marking construction products, provided added confidence to move forward with Xact. In addition, our systems are also the preferred choice within the customers Metal Framing and Cladding divisions.

About the MPERIA™ V Series Printing System

The MPERIA™ V Series marking system is our robust and reliable large character drop-on-demand (DOD) valve technology specifically designed for challenging industrial environments.  The V-Series marks on porous and non-porous substrates including metal, paper and pulp, wood, concrete and plastic. Powered by MPERIA™, the Matthews VIAjet DOD valve print heads are considered the fastest in the industry, marking products at speeds in excess of 400 meters/min, with the longest life expectancy of any comparable technology.

Click here to watch a video on MPERIA™ and the benefits it could bring to your business.

For further information about MPERIA™ and our range of printing technologies, please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email info@xactpack.co.uk

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