Clip 2 Clip – Unique, Attractive, Flexible.  A Unique Style For Clipped Net Bags

Giró has launched a new concept improving the appearance of the current clipped net packaging: the “Clip2Clip”. This variation of the clipped net bag is the incorporation of a label attached to both edges of the (clipped) package.

The Clip2Clip label can be made in multiple shapes and sizes to customise the package design resulting in a unique pack with clear marketing messages.

Besides the visual impact, one of the main attractions of Clip2Clip bag, is that the label is made of 100% Polyethylene and, with the exception of the clip, the whole bag is made with the same raw material (HDPE), for better recyclability.

Both the CA-10 (the only net clipping bagger in the world that feeds net reels) and CA-9 can be equipped with the new Clip2Clip labeller

Two Machine Options For Manufacturers

Giró offers two alternatives to make the Clip2Clip package. Both the CA10 and CA-9 clipping machines can be equipped with Clip2Clip labelling device.

The CA-10 is the only net clipping bagger in the world that feeds net reels, offering high productive efficiency, fewer stops due to change of consumable and significant savings in operating costs. The CA-9 is the standard clipping machine with automatic tube change.

The Clip2Clip labellers can be installed on the existing CA-9 and CA-10 clipping machines, meaning that any of these models can be updated without requiring new investments in packaging machinery.

For further information about the CA10 and CA9 machines please click here or contact Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

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