Create the Window Compact and the Window Ultrabag with the Girbagger.

Giro’s range of bagging options has increased with the Window Compact and the Window Ultrabag.

The Window Compact is designed for horizontal display at the point of sales. It is ideal for sizes from 0.3 to 1 Kg particularly suitable for small and mid caliber fruit. It is a very compact package, hence its name, which optimises package size according to the content. The GirBagger UB-50, UB-60 or UB-65 equipped with an optional accessories is used to produce this bag. It is also based on Ultrabag style but reducing the length of the package and using a film with window. The recommended window dimensions are 140×60 mm or 130×60 mm depending on the size of the bag.

The Window Ultrabag is based on the well-known Ultrabag but a window has been included in the film that allows visibility through the mesh, giving a new look to the package.

The Window Ultrabag is the only package in the where you can choose the shape and position of a window according to the image or design printed on the film, offering an innovative and attractive alternative for packaging. With this unique feature, the consumer can see the product through a cut in the bag with a shape that is integrated into its design.  The GirBagger machines UB-50, UB-60 or UB-65 can produce Window Ul trabag packs without any optional accessory as it was an standard Ultrabag package, with the only difference of using a windowed Girfilm.

Giró can supply the W-Girfilm making the window position and shape according to the design. The size and shape of the window may vary depending on the graphics of the film and the designer’s creativity. It cannot exceed 60 mm wide and 125 mm length for a film UB or UP-320 and 145 mm wide.

Features of the Window Compact and Window Ultrabag are:

  • Registered landscape designs.
  • Neat & tidy package.
  • Different shape windows – you can choose to have the window front & / or back.
  • Flexible – different diameter nets if the fruit calibre changes.
  • Minimum expenditure – can be made with existing machines.
  • Visibility – customers can see the fruit.
  • Nets – different options, sizes, colours, materials.
  • Airflow – air flows through the pack.
  • Neat pack presentation.
  • Good visibility of fruit.

For further information on the Window Compact and Window Ultrabag please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email

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