Automate the last stage of your packing process with the ‘GBF 100’.

Xact, in partnership with world leaders Giro, are excited to introduce a new product to our portfolio of packaging machinery, the GBF 100, a net bag tray filler.

The tray filling machine automatically fills trays at the end of your packing line at high speeds (up to 100 bags per minute) therefore saving labour costs. It is designed to fill trays with net bags from 500g to 4kg and the operator can choose to fill in one or two layers.

The GBF 100 can handle all types of cardboard cases or plastic trays with dimensions of 600 x 400mm and heights of between 180mm and 240mm. Depending on the filling requirements (number of bags, weight and layers) the GBF 100 obtains different outputs that can be seen in table 1 (below). The productivity increases when a double feeding conveyor is used, by channelling the bags through two independent collectors.

GBF 100 Table 1

During the filling and exit of the tray, the machine vibrates to make sure the bags are well packed in and prevents any bags from sticking out of the top of the tray.

There are various accessories that can be added to the GFB 100 to increase its efficiency:

Weight control and rejection system
The device can be installed at the exit of the tray filler and automatically weighs all the trays. The operator can define a range of weight admitted (minimum and maximum). All trays that are out of this range will be rejected by an element that moves the wrong tray to a ramp with rollers for disposal. If the box meets the established weight requirement, the tray can be moved to the palletiser.

Tray feeder of 6 or 9 unit pile
Another essential accessory for the GBF 100 is the automatic box infeed system. This device piles the empty trays that automatically will be dispensed to the tray filler machine. Two models of tray feeder are available , the 6 layer (pile of 6 or 8 trays or 240mm or 180mm) and the 9 layers (pile of 9 trays or 12 trays of 240mm or 180mm). The tray feeder supports both cardboard or plastic trays.

Optional Box Feeder 6 or 9 pile unit
Optional box feeder, available on a 6 or 9 unit pile.

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